Paballo’s Nursing Care – Services and Charges

Listed below are our charges:  These charges are for visits to the nursing rooms.

Vitals – Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation, Glucose, Respiration
and Temperature, plus relevant information & advice
 Cholesterol Check  R50.00
 Glucose Check  R35.00
 Haemoglobin Check  R50.00
 E.C.G.  R100.00
 Nebulising  R100.00
 Drawing Blood (on instruction of Doctor)  R50.00
 Wound Dressing  R150.00
 Burns  R50.00
 Oxygen  R50.00
 Defibrillator Machine (emergency care) R200.00+
 Infusion R175.00 +
 Home Visit R150.00


All of the above come with relevant information and advice.

– The nurses also can administer a variety of injections.
– Many of the above tests involve the use of very expensive medical equipment and consumables. All the above charges should be seen in the context of having 24 hour professional nursing available in Clarens.
– For medical assistance visit the nurse’s rooms behind the pharmacy (opposite the Protea Hotel). Sister Henriette Hohne 082 327 1035 or Sister Antoinette Earle 083 236 1293.

 We thank you for your continued support.