Paballo’s Nursing Care @ Clarens




Hours for Nursing Rooms

Monday           09h00-15h00
Tuesday          09h00-15h00
Wednesday     CLOSED
Thursday         09h00-15h00
Friday              09h00-15h00
Saturday         09h00-13h00
Sunday            On call

On call for Emergencies every day until 22h00 (after this time, the nurses’ need to be available for the elderly folk with whom they live).

After 22h00 telephonic advice will be given.

Or – Telephone Hoogland Medi Clinic (058 307 2424) emergency ward} (private patients)
Or – Telephone Dihlabeng Hospital (058 303 1000) (government patients)
Or – Telephone Ambulance Services:

ER 24                                       086 108 4124
Netcare 911                             079 146 9144
Government Ambulance      058 303 1226

We also have to inform you that our prices have increased as from 1 January 2015. Please note that this is our first increase since 2011. A list of price increases is posted in the nurses’ rooms and on the community notice board.



New price list: 2015.


Consultation at rooms                                                                              R140:00
Consultation at home or out of town or on farms:

Includes taking of temperature, pulse, oxygen saturation,
respiration and blood pressure

R2.00 /km will be added for travel costs out of town.


Blood glucose test                                                                                       R35:00
Haemoglobin test                                                                                         R50.00
Drawing of blood on Dr’s orders only)                                                     R50.00
Monitoring on defibrillator (Including stickers) 1st hour:                                   R200:00
Add for each additional hour after that.                                       R50.00
Take of ECG + referral to hospital or GP.                                    R180.00

Treatments – Excludes all consumables
Nebulising (excluding medication) up to 1 hour                                                R100.00
Nebulising (excluding medication) longer than 1 hour                                    R150.00
Include regular observation of pulse respiration, and oxygen saturation
Treatment of small wounds, cleaning, dressing.daily and
removal of stitches or clips.                                                                        R75:00
Treatment of large burn wounds cleaning and dressing daily                        R150.00
Treatment of large and septic wounds, cleaning, irrigating
and dressing.                                                                                                R150.00
Administration of oxygen per 30 minutes or part thereof                      R50.00


Insertion of IV line.
IV needles
IV line      15 and 60 drops/min
IV Fluid:         Saline 200 ml
Saline 1000 ml
                        Dextrose 5% 200 ml
Dextrose 5% 1000 ml
Maintelyte 1000 ml
Ringers Lactate 1000 ml                                                     R280.00


Bandages, plasters, burn shields and consumables
The price of dressing are dependant on type and size.

Sizes  :           100 mm                                                                      R20:00 – R35:00
150 mm                                                                     R25:00 – R40.00
200 mm                                                                      R30:00 – R45.00
250 mm                                                                      R35:00 – R50:00
Tri-angle bandage                                                                                       R20:00
Plaster            Transpore 2 cm roll                                                              R35:00
Transpore 10 cm roll                                                            R50:00
Micropore 2 cm roll                                                              R50:00
Micropore 10 cm roll                                                            R60:00
Burn shield:  Small                                                                                      R35:00
Limb                                                                                       R45:00
Face + body                                                                          R55:00
Jelonet                                                                                               R20.00 – R40.00
Preptic’s.                                                                                                        R1.00
Gauze (100mm x 100mm)                                                                          R52.00
Gloves – sterile                                                                                             R10:00
Gloves- un-sterile                                                                                        R8:00
Linen savers                                                                                                             R5:00 each

Syringes and needles

Syringes        1 ml                                                                                         R5:00
3 ml                                                                                         R5:00
5 ml                                                                                         R8:00
10 ml                                                                                      R15:00
20 ml                                                                                      R20:00
60 ml (thin tip)                                                                       R45:00
60 ml (catheter tip)                                                               R55:00
Injection needles (all sizes)                                                                       R3:50


Vit B 12 (1 ml)                                                                                               R80:00
Vit B co (1 ml) Need Dr’s prescription                                                      R80:00
Diclofenac 1 amp                                                                                         R100:00
Cortisone 1 ml                                                                                              R180:00
Maxalon/ Clopamon                                                                                                R50:00
Maxalon Suppositories       each                                                               R50:00
Astavent inhaler                                                                                           R55:00
Panado syrup 100 ml                                                                                  R20:00
Allergex tabs (10)                                                                                         R10.00
Allergex syrup 50 ml                                                                                    R20:00
Burn ointment                                                                                              R85.00


Paballo’s Home Care Trust is a Registered Trust with the whole community as its beneficiaries. Trust No. IT463/08

We operate under the name of Paballo’s Nursing Care @ Clarens

Our Trustees are:
Sr. Antoinette Earle
Sr. Henriette Hohne
Pat Raubenheimer
Dr. Pauline Sheehan
Dawn Wainwright

Our Advisory Board is:
Sr. Hilda Boonstra
Jaapie de Clerk
Gerda de Clerk
Ds Sakkie van den Berg
Rodney Wainwright

Our Mission
To render Nursing Care in a professional and caring manner, to the whole community of Clarens and environ.
To improve quality of life of patients through palliative and holistic care.
To provide support to patient’s families.
To work hand in hand with the local clinic, Doctors and Specialists in Clarens, Bethlehem and other large centres.
To ensure complete patient confidentiality in all services provided
To provide these services in a non-denominational, non-political and non racial environment.

Our Work
Post Operative Care
Home Care
Terminal Care & Family Support
Wound Care & Suturing
Nebulizing, Vital Signs & Glucose monitoring
Minor Ailments
General Checks
CPR & Stabilising patient until an ambulance arrives

Outreach Into Community
HIV Testing.
Emergency first aid.
HIV/AIDS Training
Attending at veld fires, and road accidents.

Our Charges
We are a Non Profit Organisation with registration number  063-121- NPO
We operate as a Non Profit Public Benefit Organisation  PBO No. 930 027 403
To cover costs and ensure sustainability of these services, consultation, procedural and medication fees will be charged. These charges may be recovered by the patient according to the rules of their medical aid. Travelling costs will be charged for home visits. Obviously if a patient cannot pay, treatment will still be provided in an emergency.

Our Two Nursing Sisters
Practice No. 088 000 0298271
Our nursing sisters have 60 years of experience between them in most of the sections of a major teaching hospital.
Henriette Hohne :Cell Phone 082 327 1035
Marie-Antoinette Earle: Cell Phone 083 236 1293
Contact details:

PO Box 347, Clarens, 9707
Address: Medical Centre, Corner Main St. and v.d. Merwe St. Clarens.
Bank Details:

Paballo’s Home Care Trust
FNB,  Bethlehem
Branch Code: 258622
Account No: 62191003765