Weekend Weather

It is going to be warm and sunny the entire weekend, no chance of rain or any other form of unpleasantness. This prediction brought to you by Kevin the Fool who will be in the stocks on the square, waiting for you to come and throw a tomato at him if he is wrong.

Notes from the Editor

Fanfares and trumpets! Oh frabjous day! Kalloo! Kallay! The Centenary day begins today and all through the village is excitement afoot. The tingling in the air begins as you turn into Clarens off the Golden Gate road and find an assortment of local treats and crafts waiting just for you. Early birds will be able to jump on the first available tavern tour leaving at 10am to taxi you around 6 of our finest Taverns and be back in time to receive some revitalizing healing at the wellness area on the square, before trying out the results of some of Clarens’s top chefs cooking exhibitions, and having a look at the Destinations tent, having a beer, and checking out the Medieval Games, try your hand (or foot) on stilts and rope walking, toss your caber and head on either to Bibliophile to hear Maja Kriel at the Bibliophile book shop, or down to the theater at the Marti Lotz hall for the first performance of Herman Charles Bosman’s Mafeking Road. Straight after the show head back up to Bibliophile to hear Jo–Anne Richards talking about the life of the writer, and then back down to the Marti Lotz hall to hear Elizabe Zietsman in Kabaret, and then back up to listen to Anne Marie du Preez. Of course that’s only if you got away from the square and didn’t spend the whole afternoon throwing tomatoes at the Fool in the stocks or laughing at Knot the Juggler and friends performing next to the Kids area… Either way, make sure you are at the Clarens Golf Estate and in the Sheepshed Gallery by 6, to hear acclaimed artist and author Peter Badcock-Walters give you a look behind the scenes at the creation and conception of The Illustrated Bosman, and his search for the heart of South Africa.

 Portrait of the Artist as a young man
If you haven’t selected a restaurant or pub to spend the rest of your night in, the Kgubetswana Soccer Field is going wild with traditional afrocentric music and King Vitus himself till late, unless you prefer the refinement of a Classical Soiree at the Brambleberry, or Gail at 278, or the brilliantly talented Denzl and Hensie at Artichoke Restaurant. Spoilt for choice you lucky people!

And Saturday gets even better. Start your day off with a hot air balloon ride at 8am, champagne and the best view in and of the village. From there on catch up with everything you missed on Friday because you spent the whole day on the square in the beer garden laughing at the clowns and stiltwalkers and trying to win prizes by tossing your caber further than anyone else. The whole village will be trembling with excitement for Saturday night, the Greatest Show on Earth begins with Violet Somedays’ fusion of funk and rock before the legendary Rooibaart premier material from their long awaited latest album. Joseph Clark doing a tribute to Queen follows all this. For the more literary minded, dinner and banter will be served at the Phatt Chef for the Bibliophile Bookfest writer’s dinner, limited seating, call Simon now. For the full programme of events click here now Your intrepid News team will be working to bring you all the latest pics and information from the Centenary, to see what’s going on click on these codes wherever you see them to find out more about Clarens, and why we call it home

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And, if you follow the News you will see regular updates and pics from around the festival, some of the art some of the stories some of the fun some of the games and some of the laughs. THE LADY PILTDOWN DIARIES We at the News are also thrilled to announce that a box of yellowing scraps of paper which was handed to us, has turned out to be the journal of Lady Piltdown, wife of Lord Henry Piltdown, one of the earliest pioneers of the Package Tour holiday. They joined up with the first Tour operators in 1835 going from Cape Town to Graaf Reniet, and then onwards in something that would come to be known as The Great Trek. Apparantly this journal was discovered in the foundations of a local farmhouse undergoing renovations, but the exact address has been withheld to avoid unnessecary publicity for the owners of the farmhouse, who wish to retain their privacy in what will no doubt come to be a major international heritage site. An excerpt: “Many of our fellow travellors exhibit signs of a fundamental lack of understanding of the finer points of etiquette. Only last night Harold was trying to place the spittoon within spitting distance of one of our new friends (whose tobacco chewing would not be half so problematic if he would only do it with his mouth closed). Every time he placed it where Johannes had just released a stream of brown fluid, and the man would then aim his next eruption to the other side of the table from the recepticle. After Henry had moved the object no less than five times, our esteemed colleague leaned over and growled in heavily accented English “Listen my friend, if you move that thing one more time I swear I will spit in it…” Later in the comfort of our own wagon Henry confided his sense of elation at having finally been called ‘my friend’ by this gruff fellow…”

Things to do THIS weekend

Centenary News The full Programme of events can be found by clicking this image

Bibliophile Bookfest

Click on the image for more information There will also be a Kids Area on the Square, with Stiltwalkers, Medieval Games, Jugglers, Clown Shows, Magic, Art Workshops, Music, and so much more besides.
Clarens News Knot the Juggler
ARTISTS GUILD The Clarens Art Guild endeavours to encourage and give a platform to local hobby artists. It presently consists of an enthusiastic group of 16 artists painting in various media. We will be exhibiting our work in the Dutch Reformed (NG) Church Hall on Friday 19th to Sunday 21st October. Neil Moss will be giving painting demonstrations. Please visit us and be inspired!

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