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Delicously warm with a hint of cloud. Don’t forget your sunscreen

Notes from the Editor

This day in History: October 11 saw the first manned space mission – Apollo 7. To see the historic launch click on this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNY2yKBPn9w. Reports that a Free State farmer actually beat them to it remain unconfirmed Last week also saw the launch of a new periodical in Clarens, the Clarens News newspaper. Look out for it and prepare to see it grow in leaps and bounds in the future, big plans are afoot. You can contact editor@clarensnews if you would like to advertise, write or get involved in any other way. You will also have noticed (regular readers) that the look and feel of this newsletter has changed somewhat. To find out about Shops, Delis, Restaurants, Accommodation, Adventures, Tours and much more, follow the links in the table of contents (on the right) to go to the website where they are all hosted. CLARENS NEWS PAPER We take this opportunity to offer special rates on advertising with the Clarens News Paper version to all of our current advertisers with this newsletter. If you would like to know more please email me on editor@clarensnews.com to be involved with this project, and watch out for QR codes around town, all of which will take you to News – hosted Webpages through the portals of special offers and much much moreThis code takes you to Centenary Programmeif you follow this one you should end up at the Centenary Programme THE LADY PILTDOWN DIARIES We at the News are also thrilled to announce that a box of yellowing scraps of paper which was handed to us, has turned out to be the journal of Lady Piltdown, wife of Lord Henry Piltdown, one of the earliest pioneers of the Package Tour holiday. They joined up with the first Tour operators in 1835 going from Cape Town to Graaf Reniet, and then onwards in something that would come to be known as The Great Trek. Apparantly this journal was discovered in the foundations of a local farmhouse undergoing renovations, but the exact address has been withheld to avoid unnessecary publicity for the owners of the farmhouse, who wish to retain their privacy in what will no doubt come to be a major international heritage site. An excerpt: “We have noticed that the guides all carry bags of items by their feet on each of their wagons. In these bags they have dried meat, tobacco and various other assorted bits and bobs of which they seem very fond. We have been travelling with them for the last 3 months, and they seem to have developed a genuine liking for us, and even given Henry  his own nick name, based (I presume) on their fondness for the bags they carry. Every time Henry approaches their main camp fire to find out more about the journey ahead, they all call him (with great fondness) Foot Sack, in reference to their beloved carry bags.The mountains in the distance disturb my dreams, but I feel certain that our bearded guides will get us through the narrow ravines and up the formidable slopes, to our destination, as yet unknown…”

Things to do THIS weekend

Live Music and Specials

Friday night sees Grouse and Claret hosting Slipstream – Rudo, Vic, Denzl and OB rock out, see you there Friday night and Saturday night Van Smith will be playing at Friends Pub and Restaurant http://www.facebook.com/events/454878641231637/ to see some more about this, and if you really like them, go to their website on http://vansmith.co.za/ click play to hear Van Smith

GOLF Book now to avoid disappointment, and have a great day all those who are already involved

Upcoming Events – Clarens Centenary

Centenary NewsThe full Programme of events can be found by clicking this image

Bibliophile Bookfest

Click on the image for more information There will also be a Kids Area on the Square, with stilt walkers, jumping castle, jugglers, shows, magic, story telling, music, traditional games and so much more besides. ARTISTS GUILD The Clarens Art Guild endeavours to encourage and give a platform to local hobby artists. It presently consists of an enthusiastic group of 16 artists painting in various media. We will be exhibiting our work in the Dutch Reformed (NG) Church Hall on Friday 19th to Sunday 21st October. Neil Moss will be giving painting demonstrations. Please visit us and be inspired!

Business News

Titanic Rock

Little known Free State facts:

The Spirit Level was invented between Senekal and Bloemfontein by a local farmer who was inspired by the view of the horizon in all directions from his stoep In some parts of the Free State if you order chips and vegetables with your meal you get chips and a baked potato Once every 3000 years the Free State becomes a portal through time and space, specifically the town of Tweeling

Free state of mind.

And through the darkness I saw the light It was flashing before my eyes Brightening the skies And it was then that I realized That I’m grounded Tied to this rock Gravity’s got its hold on me… And theres nothing I can do but… Let go. Free your mind and your soul. Be who you know that you should be. Let go of this fantasy And join us Welcome to reality.
Parker Griffith

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Geocolaptes olivaceus

ORNITHOLOGICAL NOTES Talk about an avian identity crisis!   The increasing furore surrounding the missing clutch of Guinea Fowl eggs reached fever-pitch this week with the news that Dorkus Duck has signalled the hatching of her stolen eggs with a fit of triumphant whistling.    She had gone to water with the missing eggs on the Clarens Golf Course’s notorious eleventh-tee last week, and simply vanished.    The Clarens news can now report that Dorkus emerged from the reeds this morning leading 12 very surprised Guinea Fowl chicks, who were having a lot of trouble keeping their beaks above water.   Dorkus is one determined duck however, and has apparently enlisted the aid of wild-life authority and legend David Attenborough to teach her recalcitrant brood to swim.   Attenborough, said to be staying incognito in the Brad Pitt room at the Lake Clarens Guest House, shared the view with your faithful correspondent that Guinea Fowl were not known for their natural flotation abilities and tended to sink like stones when wet.   Attenborough has apparently developed a patented design for small reed rafts to keep the dodgy dozen afloat but said that teaching them to whistle might prove a greater challenge.   Undaunted, Dorkus was last seen fending off the furious attentions of dispossessed mother, Gargatua Guinea Fowl, and giving her wanna-be White-Faced ducklings their first whistling lesson.   Witnesses said that her attempts to teach her fledglings the chorus to Bohemian Rhapsody had been less than successful as the Guinea-Ducks kept disappearing below the water when exhaling.   Attenborough will be signing autographs on the eleventh-tee this Saturday, as the brood launch their reed rafts for the first time.   Golly! The Twitcher