Nnete Foundation: Multi-Dimentsional Truth Display

NNETE FOUNDATION, Multi-Dimensional Truth Display

“Can I meet you the week after next week?” That is all Gareth Oosthuyzen asked for. It was early May 2015 and I had posted on my Facebook wall that I was going to start teaching Maths in Clarens, and Gareth had read it. About a week and a half later we were seated in my rented room and the term Nnete Foundation was introduced to my ears.
After the greetings and catching up after our first meeting six months earlier, we got to business. We discussed the Mr Onward Maths Academy idea, then the Nnete aspect. By then, Nnete was like a two months old pregnancy, only those very close to the pregnant lady would know. The premise to be used did not look like it could be a hope for many. A shop, it was from afar and from a close range. Reality was just a zygote.

It’s been over seven months now and birth pangs can be felt. The water is about to break. The midwives are attentive.
Nnete Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation that is being established in Clarens. The place that used to be the Dihlabeng Store is becoming a place of academic upliftment and life skills development. The mandate for this work is to put Clarens on the map academically and knowledgewise. Nnete is a Sesotho term that means truth. From my discussion with Gareth, truth is going to be dished in basins. A world-class set up is on the cards. Grade 8 and Grade 9 learners from schools around Clarens are being targeted. This is not going to be a one-day event or single-year occurrence. Once a learner has been enrolled into the system they will be helped mainly with the English Language and Mathematics until they complete Matric. The idea is to make sure learners from Clarens get Matric passes that can help them study further in areas of choice. In the long run, Nnete Foundation also looks forward to source bursaries for deserving learners to help them further their studies.
Laptops have already been donated and tutor programs obtained and installed. The tutor programs can help individuals struggling with a subject, e.g. Maths, giving video lectures and exercises to tackle. If a learner struggles with an exercise, there is an option to go to a page where the problem is solved, stage by stage.

Some Grade 10 learners from Moriting wa Thuto Secondary School and learners from Clarens Combined School and Ntsu Secondary School benefited from the testing period from 15 October 2015 to 26 November 2015. 18 learners were enrolled for that period. The number is set to be increased to 30 when the Foundation gets fully operational early next year. The Official Opening is then expected to in January 2016 and there will be two staff members fully dedicated to the work.

Besides helping learners from schools the Clarens Community is also set to benefit immensely from life programs that will be run from time to time, free of charge. The only currency requested in return to services rendered is commitment and an eagerness to learn. Volunteers who are experts in their areas of specialisation will come to tutor and mentor. Health related issues, financial management, and other crucial aspects of the livelihood of mankind will be covered. Hanna Banks, originnally from the United Kingdom will be in charge of all the operations from January 2016.

Some signs are already showing that this work is set to impact the educational level in Clarens. Margaret, the principal of Dihlabeng Christian School has seen the need for such a foundation and has inspired the school to donate a sizable amount of money towards the establishment of Nnete. This is an indisputable prophecy of the impact of Nnete on mental faculties.
The work is being established, you can be part of this big dream.

Article and Photos by Onward Blessing Mvurume