Weekend Weather Forecast

So bring something warm for Friday night (almost full moon), and shorts and T-shirts for the rest of the weekend


What a weekend, what a moment in time… This week sees the first printed edition of the News coming out (look for it at all reputable Clarens establishments), as the programme for the long awaited and highly anticipated Classics in Clarens which is happening this Saturday under the iconic Mushroom Rock at the St Fort guest farm and wedding venue (a fortunate turn of events, and the ideal place to enjoy the sounds of the Orchestra in the day or under the stars – apologies to those who expected it to be at the Golf Estate, the best laid plans of mice and men etc…) The brain child of Carol Craig-Cochrane who invited the Orchestra to Clarens, this event has two performances, morning and evening, ballet performances by the Campus Dance Studio and the Winsome Fuller Dance School from Durban. There will also be Art exhibitions, Kids activities and food and drinks available by donation. So whether you want to watch in the sunshine or under the stars, we look forward to seeing you there (tickets available at the gate or from Fiona at Bean 2 Clarens in the Highland Centre) The Campus Dance School will be performing pieces from Les Sylphides, music by Chopin, the Winsome Fuller School will be performing Del Corazon and the Lilac Fairy, while the selection from the Durban City Orchestra will be as follows 1.     The Torreador Song                        Bizet   2.     Eine Kleine Nacht Musiek              Mozart 3.     Schindlers List                                  J. Williams 4.     On My own                                       C. M. Schoenberg 5.     Godfather Theme                            N. Rota arr R. Longfield 6.     Hook                                                  J. Williams arr D. Plank 7.     Memoires of a Geisha                    J. Williams arr T. Ricketts 8.     Jurassic Park                                     J. Williams arr. D. Plank 9.     Ladies in Lavender                          N. Hess Prices are R100 for adults, R90 for pensioners and R50 for kids over the age of 5. Under 5s welcome for free. Due to relocation of the event, we are sad to announce that the much anticipated performance of Die Nibelungen has been cancelled, and the entrancing dance of the Chair will not be seen at this time… And here is picture of your beloved editor giving away flyers for the Classics in Bethlehem on this cold and windy Friday morning. Make em laff, everyone loves clown make em laff…In other News from the Clarens Temperance Society, the local single malt -Sheep Dip has proven too popular amongst the spokespeople of the society, and while lambs frolic undipped, the Loyal Association of Farmers Wives has informed this reporter that unless the local farmers meetings are moved out of the distillery, the Trek will continue, in search of that pleasant pasture green… Old Stone Bottle Store would like to congratulate Jimmy Jameson who is this months Clarens Wine Club winner! He won a Nederburg picnic basket and a bottle of Nederburg Edelrood!

Live Music and Weekend Specials

No matter what the weather, there is always fun and good music to be had in Clarens.FRIENDS Will be seeing Ben Dover on Friday and Saturday nights – OB and the boys rocking a 3 piece ensemble ARTICHOKE Deon Spruyt will be doing one man band versions of the 60′s 70′s and 80′s from 5.30 on Friday evening on the Stoep, Christiaan will be playing Treffers and traditional on Saturday night, and Johan Fick will be tinkling the ivories on Sunday eveningGROUSE AND CLARET will be hosting Stefan Dixon on Friday night, while Dino from Grumpy Old Men will be playing with a whole bunch (not so Grumpy) friends on Saturday night

Ornithological Notes

Egg-jacking Skandaal! A crime of dastardly proportions took place last week under the very noses of the village’s avian population.   Twelve Guinea Fowl eggs vanished from their nest on the banks of the Clarens Town Dam without trace.   Distraught mother and errant egg-sitter, Gargantua Guinea Fowl, admitted that she had slipped away for a romantic encounter at a nearby mielie-bistro and had returned to find, well, nothing.   No witnesses have come forward but rumours circulating amongst the resident Hadada (Bostrychia hagedash)clan suggested that it might have been an inside job.   Initial suspicions centred on an itinerant Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) but his alibi was as watertight as a duck’s bum.   The return home of Woody and Doris Woodpecker, from their not-so-budget holiday on Clifton Beach, may have solved the problem however.   Several aerial passes and an hour’s surveillance from a nearby willow-stump revealed the bland features of a White-Faced Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna viduata) hidden amongst the reeds.   Using every fibre of his 3 milligram brain, Woody quickly deduced that White-Faced Whistling Ducks that don’t whistle are hiding something!    More investigation has followed, and tales of a broken duck marriage, intense broodiness and attempts to hatch a pile of golf balls (Slazenger Losties) have followed.   A team of assorted waterfowl (Genus Various) are combing the reeds in an attempt to reveal the truth, but there is no word from the crime scene as yet.   Woody has dismissed speculation that this could be the work of a serial egg-jacker and appealed for calm in the valley nests, but insisted that this is no yolk.  The Clarens News will bring you the latest news of this heinous crime next week. The Twitcher

To find out more about Woody we suggest you run down to Bibliophile and have a look at the latest edition of Sasol Birds (vol 4) 

Things to Do

Kids Korner at Mosaic Pizzaria with Knot the Juggler and the Henns Tooth Toyshop Bring the little ones for laughs and fun every weekend

The News is happy to report that Peter Badcock-Walters will be MC for this not to be missed event, featuring Art in the Park, Ballet and the Durban City Orchestra Bethlehem MTI Fees For a serious taste of the Free est State in the Republic trek on through to Bethlehem next weekendAnd of course the Centenary is coming up next month

Clarens Country House Photo Competition

Send your entry to win 2 midweek nights at The Clarens Country House for 2

Cluny Animal Trust

To all supporters of the trust we remind you of the on-going jumble sale at Heather’s home, 23 Collett Street, every Monday and Friday, with clothing, household goods and other odds and ends for sale, in aid of Cluny Animal Trust.The goods range across the whole spectrum of quality, a number of sizes of  women’s clothes, men’s and toddlers’ clothes. We still have some adults’ cycling kit left.And a rather disturbing letter from Heather: “While I have your attention, perhaps you know that I am leaving Clarens in about March next year. I have to find someone to take over what I do for the trust. Do you know anyone who would be prepared to do it? It is essentially very easy, just requiring persistence. I had never before done any charity work, fund-raising, PR, functions, Facebook, etc. (I am a speech therapist) and it wasn’t difficult to learn as I went along. There have to be people with spare time in and around Clarens who care about animals. Can you provide me with e-mail addresses or forward this, please? Regards, Heather” So please if you love animals and have any time on your hands, contact us now so we can continue her good work

Clarens Village Conservancy

The trail maps are on sale at various outlets (recommended retail price is R10 per map.)  Conservancy members can however get the maps for R5. For further information please contact Toni: 082 4492 082

Clarens Connections

Going on an interesting trip? Readers are welcome to share their holiday blog as a way of keeping everyone up-to-date on what they’re up to. Crispian and Elizabeth Trace are barging around France at the moment. Elizabeth’s posts make for interesting reading, especially if you’re planning a barging trip or planning to buy a barge. Even if you’re not, you can share their adventure by clicking onto their blogsite:2oldducksanarascal.blogspot.com  Next week we are going to Twinkling Tweeling to investigate a wormhole through time and space at the Universal Museum. I kid you not, details to follow…

Business News

Times Gone By – OPENING SATURDAY Toys, Trinkets and Treasures from a bygone era. Come and see the latest shop to open in Clarens Talking of New shops the News had the pleasure of a few (honest, just a few) glasses of wine at the opening of the Bath and Body Deli next door to the Addy Hoyle Art Gallery the other day, which is probably why this edition is so squeaky clean. Go and treat yourself to some body butter and bathtime joyAnd if you are thinking of opening a business in Clarens, there is an opportunity for a great set of premises in the very busy Highlands Centre