As you can see The Clarens News has a new look.   The idea is that we’ll be able to post updated news as and when we get it.   I know that many of you love the emailed newsletters – but – unfortunately they are not only extremely time-consuming to put together and post out, but very often they are out-of-date within hours of going out.  Clarens is, after all, a busy town, and there’s always something interesting happening.   It is hoped that most of you are now following us on facebook.   Our facebook page is updated regularly, and we are slowly managing to build an awesome team of Clarenites who regularly post on our behalf.   Naturally, there must be times when you also want to say something, in which case join the Clarens News Group on facebook.   Here, everyone is welcome to have their say, provided of course that we all stay civilized and friendly.   (No politics, personal wars, foul language etc. etc. etc., … I’m sure you get the drift.)

Clarens News is first and foremost about Clarens and everyone who lives here.   We will soon be launching another website which is directed more toward people who want to visit Clarens.   We are looking forward to introducing the new website soon.  It’s in it’s final design stages and our website designers are hoping that we will be able to go live before the end of the year.