New Clarens Visitors’ Map




As promised at the launch of the Clarens Visitors’ Map, Phase 2 is about to be launched in a bigger format. A2 Folded down to a convenient DL size containing much more information. At a glance you will see all of the attractions and activities on offer as well as the art route, business hub and medical facilities. Because of the bigger format, the lead page advertisements will be better displayed in slightly larger spaces. A photo competition is currently underway for a typical Clarens picture to feature on the front ‘flap’ with full credit to the photographer. Visit the CTF’s fb page and Twitter @ClarensTourism to enter your picture with the #CLARENSMAP2016 caption. The back ‘flap’ will have a listing of all the emergency contact numbers, i.e. doctor, pharmacy, nursing services, fire, police, ambulance, etc. Also featured on the reverse side is an expanded map taking in the surrounding areas (our neighbours) and a full listing of CTF members with contact numbers. There still is a limited number of spaces available on the reverse side of the map. These spaces are 46mm(w) x 30mm(h) at the nominal cost of R400,00 per block. Detmar Ruhfus will assist with design if needed at R180,00 a pop. Contact him at The new map will be going to print during the 2nd half of November to have them ready for the December rush. Thereafter the map will be printed annually. So folks, get signed up with the CTF at a minimum of R100,00 / month paid up front for a period of 6 months which gives you a discount of 8% or 12 months with a discount of 12%. For your convenience we have attached membership applications forms.



Again, an offer exclusive to all CTF members. Full colour DL size gloss print brochure leaflet, double sided, at the amazing cost of R370,00 for 1000 leaflets including VAT. The design costs are excluded. If you need assistance in this regard, please contact Detmar Ruhfus who will assist and quote you on design/layout for your brochure leaflet.

The printing requirement for this amazing price is that the brochure leaflets be printed in batches of 12 which means 12 batches of 1000 brochure leaflets. This will also form part of a future project to be launched in 2016……. Watch this space!

All you have to do to participate in this wonderful offer is to join the CTF! See details above and attachment for application forms.

Contact persons: Ollie Esplin: 0825636242                                             Valerie Kneppert: 0798731318

Nic Prinsloo: 0832678391                                             Tammy Hancock: 0828249365