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Natalie Chapman


SA singer/songwriter, Natalie Chapman, will be performing 180 shows in 90 towns in 90 days around South Africa


90 days tiffNatalie Chapman completed what was considered by many to be an impossible task: 90 performances in 90 consecutive days in 90 different towns from January to April 2014. Covering more than 13 500 km across South Africa, and reaching thousands of individuals with her message of hope, motivation and music, it was no surprise that she was awarded a LEADSA Hero Award for her efforts in May 2014.  #90Days is about giving a voice to survivors of violent and sexual crimes.

Chapman kicked off her second epic journey on 28th of January, which will see her performing double of what she did in 2014: 180 gigs in 90 days in 90 towns!

The #90Days2015 tour will run from Wednesday, 28th January to Monday, 27th April 2015.  She will travel over 15 000 kms across South Africa, visiting 90 different towns and performing 180 gigs in 90 consecutive days.

This feisty and extremely passionate musician will endeavour to spread her message of hope and awareness to all corners of South Africa plus visits to Botswana, Namibia and Lesotho.

Music and Mission – united again

The objective of #90Days2015 is simple for Natalie Chapman: to reach one person in each town to encourage survivors to speak out about their experiences in order to find healing, and to also motivate and mobilise everyday South Africans to get involved in helping women, men and children who have suffered an ordeal.

Apart from spreading her message at performances in community halls, live music venues, and theatres, Chapman will also be performing at women’s and children’s shelters, children’s homes and schools during the day to motivate and encourage our youth to protect themselves, speak out when they become victims and change the future of the country by being involved in creating better communities for themselves.

In 2015, Chapman will also be adding prisons to this list as she believes that we should be speaking to the perpetrators as well – people who have so often been victims themselves.

Encouraging change through hope

The stories of inspiration and mobilisation after her visits this year poured in and everyday South Africans have, in their own capacity, begun to make a change in their communities.

#90Days2014 in Natalie’s own words: 

“This journey has been life changing for me. I could never have guessed that what many South Africans needed was to simply start a conversation they had never had before; that planting the seed would be enough. I am more determined than ever to tell my stories and inspire individuals to get involved in the solution to this dire situation.  The reality is we cannot change our society, government and police overnight but we can make small changes in our own lives and the lives around us that could impact one person at a time and in time have an enormously positive effect.  This had been the most challenging, gruelling, emotional and exhilarating months of my life. I am exhausted, inspired, motivated and excited about what I have started. This is only the beginning.” – Natalie Chapman, April 2014

Natalie Chapman is a proud ambassador and Board Member of Epic Foundation, which was founded by Alta McMaster at the beginning of 2013. Having experienced various traumas in her own life, Alta has a deep understanding of how lonely and helpless one can feel if no-one reaches out a helping hand. Through her personal experiences Alta was encouraged to provide that helping hand to others in the form of assisting with the empowerment of survivors of trauma.

Chapman will be raising much-needed funds for this incredible organisation and others around South Africa through her performances and fundraising events.

Schedule announced

All bookings and logistical planning for Chapman’s #90Days2015 lie solely on the multi-talented Singer/Songwriter’s shoulders. The mammoth task of securing 180 venues began the moment she completed her first #90Days tour in April 2014 and continues still…

Due to the nature of the tour and the fact that she works on a philosophy of trust for the project there are times when venues and towns pull out at the last minute. Promises are of course broken but as with the last tour, Natalie moves forward on a system of faith in human kindness and she is determined to overcome any hurdles on the way to reaching her incredible goal.

The schedule is therefore always subject to change but Natalie is confident that for her 2nd tour, she has secured an incredibly strong network and commitment in communities in the towns she plans to visit.

For more details on each event go to

A call to action

Chapman’s #90Days project would not have been possible or successful without the support of many individuals, businesses and organisations in each of the towns on the tour schedule. From sponsorships of accommodation, venues, food, organising and involvement, the various towns that made up the #90Days2014 tour contributed significantly and made an invaluable contribution to the impact of the tour.

Natalie Chapman is now calling on all communities, venues, companies and musicians in South Africa to get involved in order to help her make #90Days2015 even more impactful and far reaching than the last!  As preparations continue, Natalie is in need of help setting up the community based performances in each of the towns listed in the schedule.  Anyone wishing to get involved can contact her on

As with #90Days2014, KIA Motors South Africa will again support Natalie Chapman as vehicle sponsor and by covering all road travel expenses. “As staunch supporters of numerous social upliftment projects in South Africa, KIA Motors South Africa is passionate about making our country a better and a safer place for all,” comments David Sieff, Marketing Director of KIA Motors South Africa. “Initiatives like #90Days2015 are crucial for raising awareness about important social issues, and we wish Natalie much success with her ambitious new target for 2015.”

All other tour costs are self-funded and through the money raised at #90Days2015 events.

About Natalie Chapman

Natalie Chapman is a successful and well-known singer/songwriter, actress, radio DJ, lecturer, music promoter, activist, LEADSA ambassador, booking agent, PR person and staunch supporter of South African talent, which she pursues through her company, The Local Element. Her blend of Country/Blues/Americana original music and dynamic performances are well sought after by a wide and diverse fan base.

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