Today – March 21 – is the Equinox – a day when, to quote Wikepedia, the sun’s disk crosses the horizon directly in the east at dawn and directly in the west at dusk.   An event which is important enough to dictate the date of Easter.   Christian churches calculate Easter as the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the March Equinox – and the official church date for the equinox is March 21.   (So now you know why Easter dates change from year to year.)


Human Right’s Day

Today is also Human Right’s Day, which is linked to the Sharpeville events in 1960.   This is however not just a day for reflection on what happened in 1960, but also to celebrate our Bill of Rights, in terms of which everyone has a right to life, equality and human dignity – summed up as follows:

 All persons have a right to citizenship and security. Persons and groups are entitled to freedom of assembly, association, belief and opinion, and expression. They have the right to demonstrate, picket and petition; everyone has the right to be free of forced labour, servitude and slavery.
All persons have a right to privacy and to exercise political rights; all have a right to access to information and just administration action. They have rights when arrested, detained and accused, and must have access to courts. Protected rights include a healthy environment; housing, health care, food, water and social security.
All have a right to freedom of movement and residence and of trade, occupation and profession. In the workplace everyone has a right to engage in trade unions and labour movements.
Anyone has the right to purchase property anywhere, and to a basic education.
They have a right to language and culture and communities; and not least, freedom of religion and belief.

The Bill of Rights also specifies the rights of persons belonging to cultural, religious or linguistic communities and the rights of children. In addition, there are specific laws to safeguard women and protect children.  

World Storytelling Day

Today is also world storytelling day – a global celebration of the art of oral storytelling.   The theme for 2015 is “Wishes”.   The message:  Dream big and let everyone know about your plans.   I can’t think of anything nicer than sitting around a dinner table and sharing stories with friends and family.   Happy story telling everyone.   (And yes – we think it’s OK to tell a tall story or two – but why wait for World Storytelling Day.  In fact we think you should tell stories and make wishes, and tell stories about your wishes at every opportunity.)


Craft in Clarens:  Just getting better and better

We stopped in at the Martie Lotz hall to see how the crafters were getting on.   I can hardly believe they’ve learnt so much in such a short time.   John and Laurette – here with Ifa Lethu – are certainly inspiring teachers.   Next week the crafters will be concentrating on their business skills.   We are certainly looking forward to seeing these talented artists go from strength to strength – and to see more of their craft on offer in Clarens.

Click here to learn more about Ifa Lethu.


Arts Centre at Tshepong in Kgubetswana

Some years ago CCIA (Combined Churches in Action) has erected a beautiful hall on church premises in Kgubetswana. Its main users are the 200 orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) (Bana ba Hlokang) who every weekday after school receive a nutritious meal. Later in the afternoons a host of educational activities take place in and around the hall.
Because we envisaged it as a place of excellence and expression of love the name TSHEPONG (Place of Hope) is apt, and it stuck. Tshepong also houses the Counselling Centre, and provides the venue for many community activities.
One of our exceptional projects is a Ballet School, but the problem was the lack of proper facilities. Through hard work and generous donations we succeeded to add to the Tshepong complex a new building we call the Arts Centre. Here not only the Centre Ballet School can be housed (in state of the art facilities), but also the Music department, as well as a room for the finer arts. Children can here receive tremendous empowerment through quality development.
On Tuesday 10 March this Arts Centre was officially opened. A large number of guests could share in the wonderful display of the talent of singing and dancing. The attached photos will indicate something of the joyful atmosphere.   (Article by Dons Kritzinger)
Click here to find out more about Combined Churches in Action (CCIA)


News from CRA

CRA:  Water Testing –  Recent water testing arranged by the CRA reveals that our water is still safe for drinking.   A further test will be done in approximately two weeks’ time.  Incidentally, the Municipality regularly have the water tested.

Water Supply:  With regard to our water supply, the Reservoirs are now full –the pump station was not fully operational but with the assistance of a CRA Committee Member, the Municipality has fixed numerous problems that have plagued the system.

Street Numbering:  A reminder that you should by now have your new street number displayed on your property for ease of access to Emergency Services.  To correct some misunderstandings:

Stand or Erf numbers do not appear on most GPS systems. In other towns and cities one can input a street number to the GPS and you will be guided to that property.  In the absence of a GPS, a property is found by using the logical street numbers  running sequentially with odd numbers on one side and even numbers on the other. The current difficulty experienced by tourists, visitors, couriers  and most importantly our emergency services where time is crucial, to find a specific property when stand numbers are not sequential has proved to be a major problem over the years in Clarens.  Many will also recall the numerous meetings and discussion regarding the problem of proliferation of non-standard signage to guide visitors to accommodation or business. If all residents, property and business owners do not cooperate by changing to the new municipal street numbering we will soon have even greater confusion for our inhabitants and visitors.  Refer to your municipal rates account to get your correct street number.

Thus it is to your benefit to have your new sequential, logical street number displayed on your property.

Upcoming Event:   There will be a Mayoral Imbizo in Clarens on March 21st  to which all the wards from the various Dihlabeng towns have been invited.  This will be held in the Clarens Stadium and  is the culmination of a series of Imbizo that have been held throughout Dihlabeng since 28 February.

Information supplied by Pat Raubenheimer:  Chairperson, Clarens Ratepayers Association
Phone: 058 256-1123



21 March 2015
Clarens Country Market
Cluny Farm Goats Milk products will be on sale tomorrow at the Clarens Country Market and every Saturday thereafter for the duration of the season (summer).  See you from 10 am onwards.

24 March 2015
Blood Drive
Protea Hotel
Step up and donate blood – you could save a life! 


21 March 2015
NG Kerk Golf Day22 March 2015
NG Kerk Spitbraai 






23-26 March 2015
Richard Rennie “Paint With Me” workshop 





25 March, 2015
Clarens Garden Club
This month the Clarens Garden Club will be learning all about rosehips – followed by lunch at  The Rose Hip Restaurant. 



28th March 2015
Clarens Life-Style Cook OffSpecially for Vegans and Vegetarians








29th March, 2015
Natalie Chapman at Friends 
Natalie Chapman is a proud ambassador and Board Member of Epic Foundation.  Natalie will be at Friends as part of her 90 Days, 90 Towns, 180 Gigs fundraising tour for Epic Foundation:   Click here to  find out more about her tour. 


2-12 April, 2015Stars of Sandstone
A large collection of Heritage items from 2-ft narrow guage locomotives, steam traction engines, vintage agricultural machinery, old cars, aircraft and military vehicles are brought to life during the show. 



3-6 April, 2015Yvette Art Exhibition: Robert Badenhorst Gallery
An opportunity to view Yvette’s art work and to meet her.   Yvette will be paining outside the gallery during the course of the exhibition. 




3 April, 2015
The Hip Replacements:  Grouse and Claret 






4 April, 2015
Festival of Dirt   (Enduro bikes)
Enduro World Mountain Madalas Ride
This year’s event will take place at “The Old Mill Drift” . 


  4th April, 2015
Flea Market Clarens Square






11 April, 2015
Clarens Sector Police Forum, Kia and Radio Maluti Golf Day. 







  18-19 April 2015
Ashburton National MTB Series – Clarens
Clarens hosts #3 of the Ashburton National MTB Series: an exciting 7 leg  National marathon mountain biking series spanning 6 South African provinces. 










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