Letter from Sanparks Honorary Rangers: February 2014

I would like to extend a warm invite to all bird watchers of Clarens and The Eastern Free State.

The SANPARKS HONORARY Rangers of the Free State host a birding weekend in Golden Gate every year during the 2nd weekend of February.

This year the event were attended by 64 guests. They spotted 132 species during the weekend.

Rick Nuttal a past president of Birdlife S.A and CEO of the National Museum in Bloemfontein and other birdlife experts normally take the guests on guided walks or drives through the park. Rick is also responsible for verifying the sytings.

We as Honorary Ranger will very much welcome some participation from our local birdwatchers.

Our next event will be the 2nd weekend of February 2015.

The Honorary Rangers were also responsible for the building of the Vulture Hide in the park. This is the first vulture hide in a national park in S.A.

There are still a challenge to help the park with the management of the hide. There is also a great need for farmers in the Clarens area to donate carcasses to the park to keep the hide functioning.

Anyone who wants more information can contact me, Div Bosman, on this e-mail address or phone me on the number 0824576743.

We would very much like the Clarens group to participate.

Thank you to the editor of Clarens News who keeps  us updated on all the events and your interest in plants and wildlife.


Div Bosman

Chairperson of The Free State SANPARKS Honorary Rangers.