Letter from CRA: December 2013

Hi there

Firstly, season’s greetings to all and if you are travelling over the holidays, drive carefully. The Numbering of Clarens’ Properties in line with the South African Protocol is now complete, i.e., approved by Province and is being handed over to the Municipality for inclusion in their billing system; so you should see your new house number next year on your Municipal Account.  Thanks Ralph and Rodney for your had work on this.

It is time to call on you for your support by either renewing your membership or, if you are not already a member, joining these three associations.  The cost of subscriptions is as follows:

  • Village R300.00 per annum for each household, with a 50% reduction for pensioners
  • Housing Estates R120.00 per annum

As most of you are aware, the funds are shared as follows – 50% to the CVC, 25% to the CRA and 25% to the CVFA, with top-ups from the CRA to the CVC and/or the CVFA as required throughout the year.  We have to pay our Rangers and of course, we want to keep them, so please dig into your hard earned cash and join us.  Of course should you wish to donate more that the subscription amount, any sum will be most gratefully received.


Click here for Membership Form and Bank Details  (Please let me know if you require an invoice)

Many thanks.