Letter to all Clarenites: re CTF

Valerie Kneppert

Bon Appetit Deli & Bistro

Studio 28 Clarens

Letter to all Clarenites & Business owners

Dear All,

As a business owner in Clarens, I am very happy to see that the Clarens Tourism Forum is meeting again next Tuesday to discuss the future.

I have been an avid supporter of the CTF since it was started by a few some 3 1/2 years ago.

These people, all volunteers, have given their time and energy to promote Clarens as a destination. With very little ressources, they have attended as many shows as possible, invited and looked after the media, organized events, and so on.

Without their dedication, our little town and its surroundings would not be so well known and popular.

Yes, there have been some mistakes, but seeing that the members of the CTF exco are all volunteers and not professional marketers (except perhaps for the Chairman, Victor Mokoena, and how lucky are we to have him on board!), I believe they have done a great job.

Each year, I attend the few CTF meetings, and am always shocked at how few Clarenites, and especially business owners, attend.

Our local economy relies mainly on tourism and Clarenites do not see fit to support the CTF?

Come on people, get your priorities right!

No tourism in Clarens = no income, no business, no jobs.

All will suffer, rich and poor, black and white. And not only the people involved in the hospitality business….everyone.

Some might say that Clarens is well known and does not need to be marketed more. Look at Coca Cola, have they stopped marketing?

The CTF can certainly bring more visitors to the town by promoting Clarens not only as a weekend destination, but also as a lovely place where to spend time during the week. We could all do with more business from Monday to Friday!

But all this does not happen just like that!

The CTF needs funds and support. Hopefully Free State Tourism will finally provide mcuh needed help.

And if they do not, we, as Clarens business owners, must support an organization that is vital to the survival of our village.

So please Clarenites, make an effort and attend the Clarens Tourism Forum meeting on Tuesday 29th July 2014 at 4pm at Mont D’or hotel and support them.

Our future depends on the community’s marketing effort.

Kind regards

Valerie Kneppert

Bon Appetit

Studio 28 Clarens