Helping SA’s Love and Relief Projects

Helping SA’s Love and Relief Projects.

We wish to take this opportunity, to make you aware of our two extra special projects.

1. Helping SA’s cancer awareness campaign

Helping SA is having a cancer awareness campaign to raise funds for children with cancer in state hospitals.
There are a lot of children without comfortable pajamas for their stay in hospital, they also do not have much to keep them busy and their minds off, of what they are going through, the funds raised through this campaign will be used to buy the children clothing and toys and will also assist with the traveling for the children and their parents to and from the hospital. With this project in 2014 we made a lot of children smile and just for that minute or two they forgot about their pain and the scariness of what they are going through, we also did not just do this for children with cancer but also with other children that is ill or has dread illnesses.

We will be doing the same this year to focus on all children to make what they are going through easier for them.
The fundraising for this project will be done by asking for a R100 donation, you can do a bank transfer to help us save on cost so that we can help so many more, in return you will receive a cancer awareness brochure explaining all the cancers and symptoms as well as a handmade ribbon of your choice that we hope you will wear with pride knowing that you made a difference in someone’s life, and an invoice to claim back from tax.

  Purple – General cancer awareness,                 Gold – Cancer in children awareness,
Pink – Breast cancer awareness,                           Blue – Prostate Cancer awareness,
Green – Kidney cancer awareness,                               Red – Blood cancer awareness,
White – Lung Cancer Awareness,                              Orange – Leukemia Awareness,
Yellow – Bone Cancer Awareness,                   Black – Melanoma Cancer Awareness,

2. Helping SA’s Children in Need

There are hundreds of families that struggle on a daily basis with no food or clothing for them and their children, a lot of these families live in horrific conditions.

We at the Helping SA are trying to change the fortune of these individuals and their run of bad circumstances by doing the following:

We help them with food parcels, clothing, toiletries, blankets, etc. We assist families with children, this way we keep the family together, the children are not taken away from their parents due to them struggling financially, we only get involved with families where the parents are willing to make a difference in their own lives and that needs just that little bit extra help, to feed and take care of their children, ensuring their children can’t be removed from them because with our assistance, the children are fed and clothed, the family are able to grow till the point where our help is not needed anymore and we can move on to other families.

We are also in the process of trying to help people that are willing to help themselves, by assisting them in finding employment.

Providing a basic food parcels per family is costly and we need sponsors. A food parcel with just the bare essentials cost’s us R1500.00 per family per month.

The fundraising for this project will be done by asking for a R100 donation, in return you will receive a Hope Ribbon (Silver) and an invoice to claim back from tax, please help us to keep families together. Donations received towards our children in need project will be used to buy school clothes and shoes, stationary and food, this project will assist families with children as well as children safety houses and orphanages.

If you are doing a donation through the bank for any-one of these two worthy projects please reply to this email with your details and postal address to ensure you receive your Invoice and ribbon.

To view our NPO and Section 18A certificate please visit our website, while you are visiting please enjoy our photos and videos.

(To receive copies of our certificates / proof of registration, accounting letters etc. you can also email admin (@) or reply to this email requesting documents)

Hope you can find it your heart to assist with these projects.



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