Fun Day at Clarens Xtreme with Clarens Primary Poster Winners

Outdoors Day at Clarens Xtreme with Clarens Primary Poster Winners

Thursday 15th August 2013 saw thirteen students from Clarens Primary in an excited and jubilant state, and naturally so – for them the day was about to become a whole lot more fun!

Winners 1Early on Thursday morning before school had even started, several students having observed the rangers on their patrols quizzed them in order to find out whether the rangers were indeed taking the teams with the winning recycling posters to Clarens Xtreme. The students clearly couldn’t wait for their day away from school. A little while later the rangers, 6 Working on Fire team members and the Working on Fire truck arrived at the gates of Clarens Primary. Within moments the 8 wining students from grade 2 and 5 winners from grade 6 were aboard the truck and on their way.


Winners 2 Winners 4 Winners 3

On arrival at Clarens Xtreme, the students were treated to quad biking, zip-lining and Put-put. Ollie Esplin was kind enough to sponsor the Put-put and zip-lining for all the students, whilst the Clarens Village Conservancy sponsored quad-biking.  Although all of the students seemed to enjoy the quad-biking, one young student could not help but smile broadly for the entire duration of her ride.

The zip-lining was also great fun – despite initial concerns amongst the students, they all overcame their fear of heights as the laughter and excitement from their fellow students spurred-on their courage. The zip-lining was so enticing that Ollie even allowed the rangers and Working on Fire team a go on the line once all the students had moved on to the next activity. The last activity for the day was Put-put. Ollie interacted well with the students and showed them how to correctly position themselves when hitting the ball. Some of the winning students were even promised a large milkshake for a hole-in-one and much to his surprise, 3 of the students hit the mark. After the Put-put all the students and even the rangers were treated to an end of day soda on-the-house.

The students enjoyed the day so much that many of them ardently objected to the notion of going home, but like all good things the day was at an end. The students could not help but ask the rangers when they would next be visiting their school for another fun education day, and the rangers could not help but smile.   The outing though could not have been a success without contributions from Ollie and Clarens Xtreme; Sherri Gersh for all her planning and arrangement making; the Working on Fire team who helped supervise the students and last but not least the rangers Eben, Samuel, Amos and head ranger Damien, without whom the C.V.C. Fun-Day would never have taken place.

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Article and photographs by Damien CoulsonDamien1-100x100