Fun Day at Clarens Primary School

C.V.C. Fun Day at Clarens Primary School

Two weeks back the C.V.C. introduced 300 students to the concept of recycling through a brief PowerPoint presentation and recycling game. The second (and main) event: the C.V.C. Fun-Day, was held on Thursday August the 8th after a great deal of preparation.

Leading up to the main event…

Friday the 2nd of August saw the rangers, Working on Fire team, Sherri Gersh & Mojolefa from the recycling centre all behaving rather strangely – all of them were running around stark raving mad – or so it would have seemed if any casual observers had happened to pass by just that moment.  The aim: to have fun, the game: several, the purpose: trial experimental games on willing candidates. So it was that a group of grown individuals found themselves reverting back (momentarily of course) to their childhood days. The games proved doable and the outcome favourable – the trial was a big success.

On THE day

Early on the morning of August 8th Sherri, Damien and the rangers set up a score of games on the playgrounds of Clarens Primary. The games had been developed with care over the past few weeks using mostly recycled materials. Students from both the Foundation (grades 1-3) and Intermediate (grades 4-7) Phases were given an opportunity to try each of the 7 recycling orientated games that had been developed for the day.Some of the games included a memory game (Pick da’ Pic), sack race (Kangaroo Hop), water-wise game (Drips n’ Drabs), balancing game (Balance in Nature),bowling game (Bottle Bowling), plank moving game (Land-Slide), ball and can game (Sekotopane), and egg and spoon race (Yolk-It!). The students really had a good time and even some of the educators joined in on the fun. The WoF team impressed the rangers with their ability to work with children and Sherri helped ensure that the day ran smoothly.

Fun Day 1 Fun Day 2 CVC Fun Day 3 CVC Fun Day 4



Later that day the rangers and Sherri (and one interested Working on Fire teammate) took the time to visit each class from grades 1 – 7, to score and judge the recycling posters produced by each of the groups per grade. In the end a winning team from both the Foundation & Intermediate Phase was selected (after some healthy debate) and the winning teams were  announced on Monday the 12th of August during (an early morning) assembly. The winning group from Grade 2 went positively ballistic when their team was announced and the winning group from grade 6, although only slightly more collected were also thrilled when their group was announced. Both groups displayed their winning posters for the entire school to see.

CVC Fun Day 7.jpg.png CVC Fun Day 5

The educators expressed their gratitude to Damien & Sherri and explained that this was the first such event that the students had been provided the entire year. The winning teams will be transported to Clarens Xtreme on Thursday the 15th of August using the Working on Fire truck and accompanied by Sherri, the rangers & several WoF teammates. (Mostly) everyone involved in the Fun-Day thoroughly enjoyed the event and it was clear that all the planning had been well worth the joy it invoked. It seems that more such Fun-Days just might be on their way!


 Article and photographs by Damien Coulson