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With SNOW predicted for the weekend,visitors to Clarens should definitely make a turn past the Jacket shop (next door to the Hardware Store by the petrol station), either before or after visiting the Blanket shop. Nobody really knows what the main attraction of the Blanket shop is – the blankets themselves or the amazing ladies who sell them. Find out about the history of blankets or the history of the area, take the time to experience the real spirit of Clarens

Fresh Roast  Coffee

Local coffee roastery beats the daily grind. Click here to see what’s brewing

Grouse and Claret

Warm and cozy, very friendly with fantastic pub grub and fine dining. A must for visitors wanting to meet the locals

Friends Restaurant and Pub

Great steaks, great parties. Live music and kareoke, click to find out what’s happening this weekend


A byword for fine dining in Clarens, Shelley is very well known for exquisite food in a great environment. Booking is advised as she is very popular, so call her on 0824537060

The Rock Shop

No visit to Clarens is complete without stopping by the Rock Shop, filled with the most amazing stones and crystals you will see in a long time.

– Friday 13 July 2012
SNOW EXPECTED THIS WEEKEND!!! Friday 12 and 3  Saturday 5 and -5 (Best visit the jacket shop and the blanket shop) Sunday 8 and -5 with flurries of snow!Clarens News welcomes contributions and suggestions

>As you may have noticed, it is no longer called the Clarens Connection, but the Clarens News, to go in closer conjunction with the Clarens News website. Apologies in advance for the inevitable confusion.
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Notes from the editor
You may notice that this issue is ridiculously long. One of the suggestions I am trying to implement is more of a Table of Contents and linking system, but to be honest I’m more of juggler than an internet designer. After a couple of days banging my head against strange codes and anchor point instructions that just don’t work, I have decided to let it be a problem for this issue, and (hopefully) it will be rectified in time for the next edition.
With the Clarens Centenary coming into view late in October, now is the time to make our town shine. If you want to get involved in any way, please let us know your ideas or suggestions and we will do our best to put you in contact with others who can help make your vision a reality.

Congratulations are in order for The Artichoke Restaurant which opened this week. Claudia and Bruce have done really well in creating a soothing atmosphere with one of the best views in Clarens dining. Those of you who remember the old Street Cafe will be pleasantly surprised at the style and finesse they’ve brought to the old building, but thrilled that they are still the same hospitable folk who have turned `kuiering’ into an art form. And the bath tub has followed them, so go take a picture and have a bite to eat, a glass of wine and a delightful time at the newest restaurant in Clarens, right next door to the Lake Clarens Hotel as you drive into the town.

Adventure of the week
I took Monday off (good thing to do in Clarens after a busy weekend) and went to Meiringskloof Nature Reserve in Fouriesburg. A beautiful walk along a stream coming down from a mountain dam, through huge overhanging caves and bushman sacred sites. Can’t wait for summer to go and shower under natural waterfalls and swim in the dam. Highly
recommended for people staying longer than a few days in the area.

News Offers
Verne from Vermac Tattoos is offering free WIFI to all children of Clarens. Free iNternet to anyone under 18 for the purposes of research and learning facilities. Anyone who would like to donate computers to a resource centre please contact us on to discuss setting up a community resource centre.

Photo Competition
Happy snapper? Professional SLR operator? Cell phone photographer? Please send us your Clarens related pics, whether you live here or having a great weekend, we want to see our town through your eyes. Top images will be published, and the best pic will win a voucher pack entitling them to a free beer at the Brewery, a cup of coffee at Highland Coffee, breakfast at one of our fine restaurants and more besides (psst, if you have a business this is a great opportunity to score some free advertising in return for putting up prizes)

You only live once - We'll show you where...  In Clarens, Fouriesburg, Rosendal, Ficksburg, Harrismith and Bethlehem

Lee Green
Mobile: +27(0)83 285 4625
Tel. +27(0)58 256 1439


Moonshine Farm 
058 3038192
For a whole range of ready made meals, fresh veggies and herbs! Click this link for the pricelist: or Contact Yvonne 0583038192 Moonshine Farm or

Crystal Healing, Spiritual Inspiration and Tarot readings as well as courses, contact Jacqui now on 0834375250, before she contacts you!

Thys here from Bergwoning – We have started making ice now. Pure spring water ice. R4 per 2kg bag
Can contact Thys 0823363088 or Zita 0823967595 Thanks Thys

For an amazing stay

Accommodation available @ Burnsall Cottage, Malherbe Str, Clarens. Call Shelly 082 482 3267 / 073 203 8802 / 058 256 1748.

NEW AT BALANCED HEALTH – the Rife Resonator Machine
A proven method of zapping what’s “bugging” you with pain-free electrical pulses! 782 programmes cover most ailments with the main emphasis being on eliminating parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses and other pathogens that are usually at the root of most conditions. No need for antibiotics and safe for children as well!
A scan by the Quantec machine will show exactly which pathogens have taken up residence in your body. This costs only R250.00 and includes one Rife session lasting up to 1½ hours. Further Rife sessions are R100.00 each.
Please contact Clinical Nutritionist, Juliet Cooke, for further information and an appointment. 083 3714267 or 058 2561517 or email:

For the best biltong and feta pizzas in town, next door to the toyshop, part of the Kids Korner. We can do birthday parties and events

Fouriesburg Forum 
For more information, contact: Mariska on 058 223 0418 or David Exley on 082 820 0403. For accommodation options, visit

Tours to AfriSki, the Lesotho, shuttle service, call Dean or Maureen to find out where you want to go –

Blocked Drains No Hot Water Leaky Pipes
Plumber On Call 24 HOURS a DAY…
For Professional Plumbing Installation,  Repairs & Maintenance
In & Around Bethlehem, Clarens, Fouriesburg, Paul Roux
Vir Professionele Loodgieterherstelwerke & Dienste
In & Om Bethlehem, Clarens, Fouriesburg, Paul Roux
Roald: 083 578 5370

I know you’re tired of reading all this rubbish it’s clearly time for a beer. Go visit the Brewery to taste how beer should be.

Ansje’s housekeeping and laundry service – The upkeep and maintenance of your guest house. I do the pre and post clean on your guest house for your peace of mind that your customers will enjoy their stay. I also service various restaurants laundry. Contact Ansje Steyn on 0824289242 or
Pro Cut Clarens – problem and/or unwanted trees on your property? I render a professional tree felling service to the Clarens community for the last 15 years. Contact Ansje Steyn on 0824289242 or Special now on firewood. R40 per bag and braaihout R12 per bag

White water rafting, abseiling, adventure!!! Call Ollie or Detmar on 058 256 1260 and let them tailor make an adventure to suit you

Helen’s Landscaping

Landscaping, design and implementation of any garden requirements. – Helen Boucher – 076 574 3433

And if you’re still not convinced about how great our town is, go have a look at