Fig Jam – The Jakes are Missing

Fig Jam Entertainment are in Clarens filming “The Jakes Are Missing” – a romantic comedy.   The film revolves around the Jakes family who relocate to a small town into a Witness Protection Programme after their teenage son witnesses the murder of an undercover cop.

The cast and crew will be in Clarens until the 3rd February.   Look out for the following members of the cast in and around Clarens.

Dirk Stoltz
Abigail Kubeka
Celeste Ntuli

Dirk Stoltz






















Involving the Community:

  • I will be hosting community auditions at the end of February in Clarens to incorporate at least 20 people in the film (with speaking parts), another 250 people as part of the extras needed.
  • We will be hosting a community braai as part of our shoot where the community will be invited to braai and be part of the film shoot.
  • As much as possible we will be using the small businesses in Clarens to set up the film shoot and be part of making this feature film a reality.
  • During the grand finale of the film, I would like to invite all businesses to set up their names and banners at the event so we can see them and allow for exposure of the existing brands in the film.



  • The film is currently scheduled to go onto the big screen on the 19th September. Ster Kinekor will be distributing the film.
  • 2 weeks before the film goes out, I would like to host a Red Carpet Premiere in Clarens (at the Square).
  • An open air event where people can come and watch the film shot in their own town.
  • The media and the cast will be invited to spend the night with the town.


Accommodation Request:

  • We have a total of 35 crew and 20 cast that will be travelling with us to stay and film in Clarens.
  • For the duration we are shooting here, I would need to accommodation the 35 crew and 20 cast.
  • Clarens shoot is from the 24th March until the 7th April. (This falls in-between the 2 long weekends)
  • A complete accommodation schedule has been handed to Jeane Hubner (the details and logistics)


Trade Exchange:

  • I would like to offer the accommodation houses a trade exchange. Due to the nature of our production, this is a small feature film – who will dazzle the big screen.
  • In exchange for housing the cast and the crew, I would like to offer member that comes on board a:
    1. An End credit in the film
    2. A company logo / House logo
    3. A special thanks


  • The film will be seen on the following platforms:
    1. On the Big Screen: The film will be shown in 40 cinemas (Sterkinor and Numetro) around the country
    2. M-NET / DSTV
    3. Box office on Demand
    4. DVD (Rentals in the stores)
    5. DVD (Selling in the stores)
    6. ETV and SABC
  • The exposure in the film will run between 1-5 years thus the exposure for Clarens will last for this duration.


Media and Press Attending:

  • Together with the tourism forum, we will set up a press weekend. I am going to invite the media from publications such as: Sunday Times, Top Billing, Bona Magazine, YOU Magazine, TV Plus, Family Holiday, City Press, The Mercury, ETV-Sunrise, M-Net, 3 Talk, Morning Live.
  • The press will be here to cover the shoot of the grand finale at the Square.
  • They will also be here to experience Clarens.
  • The articles they publish and the interviews and cutaways done for TV shows / programmes will cover both the film and Clarens; thus generating a marketing campaign for Clarens .


I look forward to working with all partners and hope to create a fruitful relationship


Bianca Isaac

Executive Producer

Cell      : 084 619 2639

E-mail :