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Weekend Weather

Accuweather ClarensAah, the mountains look so lovely after a sweet refreshing shower… And we get amazing lightning shows as well!

Notes from the Editor

I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath for this week’s News, sorry about the delay, you may have lost the will to live without your beloved weekly Newsletter, but still, better late than never, eh? Why the delay you may ask? Well, if it had come out yesterday there would have been no feed back on the SPF meeting on Thursday afternoon (see sidebar on right), or on our Comrade President’s Valentine’s address to the nation. Reason enough, I hope. Apparently he will continue to make corruption a top priority this year (sounds like all the other years to me), and still blames apartheid for all the ongoing violence in the country. On the upside he announced the setting up of special courts to deal specifically with the scourge of rape in this country, currently the world leader in that department, and hopefully it will review past cases as well. Maybe it’s not so bad if you do it on Valentine’s day, as long as you give taxi fare the next morning, Mr Zuma… The highlight of the affair by the sounds of it was when 84 year old Mangosotho Buthelezi ran around before it officially started, giving out flowers and love notes to various female representatives. And did you know (number 83485) that the word “Malibongwe” means “let them be praised”? and is a reference to a group of 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on August 9 1956 to register their protest against having to carry pass books! And aren’t you so lucky to have a clever little editor. It’s taken a week of head scratching, but finally all the daily news postings on the facebook page ( go directly to the, making it the most up-to-date source for your News about Clarens, the Free State, and our world in general. (takes bow to thunderous applause)

In other News:

The Scooter Addicts came and went. Their 35000 km tour from Cape Town to Dublin in aid of Children’s Red Cross Hospitals saw them stop over at Witsieshoek on Monday night, where they were greeted by Pete and Toni Badcock-Walters. Full article to follow, but here are some pics in the meantime


The next (and possibly final) printed version of the News will be out next week. Hoping it looks as good on paper as it did on the screen when I finished it at 3am…

Craft Beer Festival News

As a precursor to the main event a number of Clarens restaurants are having food and beer pairings on the Thursday night before it opens officially.

Thu 21 Feb 7pm
Food and Beer Pairing evening with:
• 278 on Main and Darling Brew
• Adamo and Drayman’s Brewery
• Clementines and Cockpit Brewhouse
• Phatt Chef and Three Skulls Brew Worx
        Bookings are essential and I will try to get their menus for that night for the next edition

Join the event on Facebook by clicking here To read more about Beer and the festival please click here for the full program of events and beers and bands and breweries who will be participating.


Bethlehem Kine is live and operational again, so if you love the big screen, the smell of popcorn, cuddling in the back row or just a good old night out at the movies, here’s what is happening: Life of Pi The Hobbit Here comes the Boom Pretville (locally made and marketed under our very noses) To find out times, make bookings etc call them on 0583034333

Live Music and Specials

Artichoke Rick & Denzl Friday Hensie and Denzl Saturday afternoon and again that night T-Bone steak R70 Eischbein – R75 Grilled Halloumi with Avo – R35 Jalapeno poppers – R30 February Special @ Bon Appetit Bistro! Travel your way around the World in 28 teas. Come and enjoy our delicious teas from around the World. For each pot of tea sold, we will donate R.2 to CLUNY ANIMAL TRUST. So come discover amazing teas and do your bit for our local Animal charity!

Street Cafe has Monday night Happy Hour with Slipstream and friends. Friends Restaurant will have live music over the weekend, band to be confirmed (you can click HERE for updates as I get them)

Coming Up

9 March 2013 – The SPF Macnollie fund raising challenge. Are you a hunting, shooting fishing kind of person? Compete to raise funds for the Sector Police Forum and keep Clarens safe. Click HERE for more details Clarens Festival of Dirt – 5-7 April 2013. Clarens X-Treme will once again be hosting this dirty weekend. The Mountain Madalas # 1 hosted by Enduro Mag will start mid morning on Saturday after the 40km mountain bike trail ride which leaves St Fort at 6am. If that is not enough, come and enjoy a 3km or 10km trail run on Sunday. Bring the whole family to St Fort for an action packed weekend with loads of entertainment for visitors and locals. The Sandstone Gorge in Ficksburg has their Steam Heritage Festival which runs from the 4th to the 12th of May this year, and promises historic trains, a Sherman Tank, vintage tractors and dozers, as well as a Model T Ford grain truck, all of which are in operation and function in conjunction with the agricultural nature of the area it inhabits. Well, maybe not the Sherman tank (I hope), but all the rest. In the meantime, to read their latest Newsletter click HERE

2013/05/04 MTN National Marathon #4 Clarens Clarens Freestate
2013/05/05 Nissan National Half Marathon #4 Clarens Clarens Freestate

Captain Naas Viljoen, Sector Police Forum, Clarens

The Sector Police Forum meeting was well attended, and most welcome of all attendees was Captain Naas Viljoen of the Mounted Police Unit. Over the last month we have contacted him to find out more about getting the horse unit in Clarens on a regular basis, and he is keen like the proverbial mustard to spend a lot more time here, with his troops, all we need to do is find them regular accommodation and a nice field for their horses to graze, oh yes, and the request has to come from our esteemed Station Commander, Captain Mohale. Councilor Mandy Prior has been tasked with following up with her, watch this space for developments. Another point of discussion that requires some thought is an un named bank has offered to sponsor the purchase and installation of 50 Closed Circuit TVsecurity cameras for Clarens. If anyone has any issue with the civil liberties involved, now would be a good time to raise your concerns, but the main issue revolves around who will watch them? The SPF already employs 3 reservists who work with the police, but setting up a control room would involve serious outlay and salaries. Who do you want for your Big Brother? Macnollie fundraising initiativePlanning and logistics are in place, the dams have been organized, the pre-event registration is going to include free beer at the Brewery, and now we need 30 brave contestants to compete for the sake of the SPF. The News took little offence at the statement that most email readers are bunny huggers, knowing that it’s readers will enter and show the hunting shooting fishing fraternity what’s what on the day. I’m hoping that a bunny hugging Clarens News reader will win the competition, and set the prize animal free. Actually, I’m really hoping it becomes an annual event, and that one day the News will be able to sponsor a team of huggers to put everyone else to shame…To learn more click here: Read More

The Cluny Animal Trust

The Cluny Animal Trust does fantastic work treating animals from the townships of several towns. They always need support to keep their work happening, and this is your opportunity to help The Cluny sms line details: SMS ‘CAT’ to 38008 Each sms cost R10 rand. Free sms’s do not apply. Thank you for the support

Hero of the Week

Potch Mayor Annette Combrink received a R750 000 Merc this week, ordered by the previous mayor (who does not deserve a capital letter, maybe just a punishment), which arrived after he ordered it in June last year. It apparently took so long because of all the optional extras, beige leather upholstery, sunroof, automatic backscratcher etc… The ex teacher was quoted in the Beeld as saying ”My biggest objection is basically that expensive official cars in general, not just at Tlokwe, are unnecessary and obsolete.”  She has chosen to use her 9 year old Passat as her official vehicle, and well done to her. To read more about her click HERE



One of the Swans from Lake Clarens has vanished. Hopefully it is nesting somewhere, sitting on a brood of ‘ugly ducklings’, but please keep an eye open for the long necked beauty. The Twitcher has been called in to help investigate, and will hopefully do a full report back in time for next week’s Clarens News

Clarens Village Conservancy

What to do in the event of a Structural fire, click on the image above. And the RECYCLING CENTRE is in dire straits, desperately in need of someone to supervise the Centre and organize pick up of material. Without someone helping this project may well collapse. Please click HERE to read more

Laugh of the week

John Cleese visits a Laughter Yoga Centre in India

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