storm clarens

Evening storm over Clarens – Photograph by Mary Walker

Thunderclouds built over Clarens last evening, accompanied for a short while by a lashing wind. This turned out to be a mere dress rehearsal that produced a paltry shower, despite a few sharp flashes of lightning and some ominous grumbles from threatening looking clouds.
There is little as invigorating as those first fat drops of rain, cold splashes of relief on a sultry Free State afternoon. We’re into the season now for afternoon showers, but our weather pattern has been thrown into disarray this year, with cold spell after cold spell – but with little rain and no snow!
The Free State is well known for its proclivity for going through the motions of a rainstorm without actually producing any rain of note. This area is desperate for rain, so we look to the skies for a promise of it.
But we all know that it is not the dramatic thunderstorms that bring relief to our parched lands. We need steady rain, many days of steady rain, to transform our beautiful landscape into its renowned splendour of summer green.
Mary Walker for Clarens News