Dumping of refuse on Clarens hiking trails

The rangers of the Clarens village Conservancy can be observed picking up litter on most days of the week whilst on patrol around the village and hiking trails, in an effort to provide the village with a much needed ecological service. Although picking up litter is a means used by the rangers to help conserve the environment and help improve the aesthetic appeal of our village, it is only one of many purposes for which the ranger’s patrols are conducted. Over the past 3 weeks alone the rangers have removed over a dozen full black refuse bags from the Spruit trail and many more from around the village. Unfortunately the ranger’s efforts are often frustrated due to the activities of pickers who systematically steal the refuse bags from their holders. The pickers then take the bags out of view of the public and rip them open in search of salvageable items, leaving the debris lying on the trail where it was opened. Many hours have been spent cleaning up after the pickers and removing the bags to a sufficiently distant enough location to dissuade pickers from reopening the bags and repeating their litter cycle.

Refuse 1    Refuse 2   Refuse 3

The rangers are currently in the process of developing a system to help identify the culprits behind these illegal dumping activities and have a few leads currently in mind; however residents and guest houses are asked to delay putting their refuse out until well after dark the evening before collection or just before leaving for work on the morning of collection. If the village community stands together the problem of illegal dumping on the trails could soon become a problem of the past. As many farmers have often maintained: many hands make light work. In the same light many eyes make the rangers task of monitoring the environment that much more effective.

The Clarens Village Conservancy may be contacted at the following numbers in the event of members of the public wishing to report imminent illegal dumping activities occurring within and around the village:


  • Damien                                                076 833 8910
  • Eben                                                      073 952 8720
  • Samuel                                                 078 921 8593
  • Amos                                                    079 613 9894


  • Rodney Wainwright                        083 680 7770.