Dihlabeng Primary meets ClarensXtreme

The sky was a perfect crisp blue and the morning was pleasant – perfect weather for 19 students of Dihlabeng Primary to enjoy a day of play at Clarens Xtreme.

As a result of winning a recycling themed poster competition, 11 students from grade 7 and 8 students from grade 2 got to spend an entire morning enjoying some really cool adventure activities including quad biking, put-put and zip-lining. The students were picked up early that morning by the C.V.C. rangers and several Working on Fire personnel and driven to their destination in (kids) style using the Clarens Working on Fire truck.



During quad biking each of the students was driven around the track 3 times by the employees of CX, and for some it was the first time ever on a quad bike. The put-put was also enjoyed and the students were divided into teams of 4 to test their putting skills. Zip-lining looked daunting at first to many of the students, but after their first “flight”, they all began to beg for yet another turn. Between activities the students were given the opportunity to play on the jungle gym and just be themselves. Children are energetic but that energy soon fades and once they’d worked up a thirst they each received a round of cold-drinks. The lucky students who scored a hole-in-one during put-put were each sponsored a large milkshake, compliments of the house. It wasn’t only the students, who enjoyed the day, but the teachers, C.V.C., and Working on Fire team were also observed beaming throughout the day – it seems that the day was sorely needed and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

image008 image006As with last year’s day-trip to CX, the minutes seemed to quickly melt away and before the students could blink it was already early afternoon and time to leave – much to their disappointment. All in all it was a fabulous day for fun in the sun and a great outing indeed. Thanks to: Sherri Gersh who helped organise the fun day with Dihlabeng Primary and supervise the students on the day; the Clarens Fire Association for the use of the WoF truck; the C.V.C. for sponsoring the quad biking and cold-drinks; Clarens WoF team & rangers who supervised the students and a major thanks to Ollie and CX for sponsoring the zip-lining, put-put, milkshakes and of course their staff and time – you all helped make this a success!




Article and photographs

by Damien Coulson





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Clarens News: March 2014