Daan Wybenga – Obituary

Louw van Biljon

Daan Wÿbenga, honoured, appreciated and loved resident of Clarens since the early 1990’s (together with his late wife, Gretel), isn’t amongst us anymore. I find it difficult to accept that he is dead – it should not be; Daan was a soft-spoken man who probably never slighted anyone.

Although I met Daan (and Gretel) shortly after I moved to Clarens (1996), I never really knew him well. Even so, I knew him as a slightly eccentric, but wise and gentle man. One could pay him an unannounced visit any time – which I sometimes did – and get immersed in discussion.

Daan kept a low profile in Clarens, but he was involved in this community: he taught on and off at Meriting high school, was a founding member of Clarens Village Conservancy and served on the committee for years. He was also (together with Gretel) a founding member of “Klopse”, the afrikaans social group who meets monthly for discussions on any topic. Initially the ‘Klopse’ meetings were held at Daan and Gretel’s home. Alas, it will never happen again…

Daan, you will be sorely missed.