CVC Report-Back November 2013

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Alien clearing deemed successful
The results from across our 3 test sites indicate an averaged 95% success rate. The conservancy has now acquired chainsaws to further suppress A&IP’s; these will however be used sparingly and only where absolutely necessary.

Spruit crossings receive “support”

CVC Monthly report 1


Dons Kritzinger, Dave Bun, the Clarens WoF team and the rangers spent a morning “mucking” about with sandstone blocks on the Spruit hiking trail. The work was muddy and mushy and dirty (oh and involved some careful manoeuvring with some really heavy jumbo sized blocks), but eventually the rowdy bunch managed to get their stones in a line – at 2 particularly slip-prone crossings along the Spruit. The blocks, supplied by Bruce Weyer will surely come in handy during the summer season. Several bridges are in the pipeline for these areas. Thanks to the 3 Clarens Gents for your assistance.
CVC Quarterly Meeting

The CVC held a meeting on a rainy of Wednesday morning. Many matters were reviewed but the outcomes were all favourable. Rest assured – the C.V.C. is doing all it can to put your hard earned cash to good use, and will continue to do so under the vigilant eye of our mighty chief (ahem, sorry chairman) and support from our enthusiastic committee members and ever-watchful rangers.

Special Projects
CVC Monthly report 2

November proved to be a busy month for the rangers who have completed the revamping of the trail directional markers along the Spruit, Kloof Mountain Trail and Mallen Walk, and initiated work on the Porcupine Trail markers – 6 down and just 3 to go! The C.V.C. has also produced 100 new trail markers at no small expense, in order to provide all users with the easiest possible trail navigation system yet.

The rangers were assisted by the workers of the TCG who helped remove a good deal of Brandbos from between Scilla Walk trail and the Ridge Estate. Further work on the Brandbos removal project will recommence early January after the workers return from the festive season.

Pre-festive season trail maintenance commences
CVC Monthly report 3

The Ax-man cometh! A large willow was removed from the Leibrandt Kloof after a lightning strike caused the tree to crash right across the path of the Kloof Dam Trail. Lothar Vogel and his trusty chainsaw polished-off the would-be impediment with expert ease and together with assistance from his 2 sidekicks, managed to free the trail for traversing – and all was well once more in C.V.C. land.

Our Rangers on Patrol

Over 80 trees donated by the FS DEEA and planted at the Spruit and around the water reservoirs are still very much alive and vigorous, providing shade and O2 for decades to come. Illegal dumping is still a problem; however the C.V.C together with help from several Clarens residents are working on the matter. A patrol of the Titanic Trail revealed little cause for concern regarding the laying of cables and poles for the MTN signal repeater along a section of the trail; however the C.V.C. has advised a small amendment to the original placement to maintain the aesthetics of the area.

Special Activities

The rangers have taken the odd moment to improve their computer literacy skills which will come in very handy (pun intended) when compiling future reports of an environmental nature for the C.V.C.
17 Permits from the FS DEEA were received and handed to the traditional healers of Clarens allowing them to harvest medicinal plants under a strict set of conditions. The rangers have also recorded the particulars of each of the healers for future reference.
The rangers were presented with an opportunity to assist the WoF team with a block-burn on Laerkoppie farm and really did their part. One could say they were “all aflame with enthusiasm”.
Damien received a card from the FS DEEA and is now an Honorary Nature Conservationist – this grants the holder certain special powers (kind of like superman) to be used wisely for conservation purposes. Additional cards will be issued to the rangers whose own cards require renewal.
C.V.C. Receives Donations
A booklet of indigenous plants was donated to the rangers and several field guides have been loaned to the C.V.C. Many thanks as always for your kind inputs. Please feel free to contact the C.V.C. concerning donations in person or through our website at