CVC Report Back – December 2013

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CVC December 2013  1The C.V.C. conducts year-end “thank-you” with the T.C.G.

The rangers received a good deal of assistance from the Thusanang Care Group on some of our projects during 2013, and as such the rangers showed their thanks by supplying the T.C.G. workers with C.V.C. and Working for Water branded shirts. The workers were undoubtedly grateful.


C.V.C. Trails receive manicure

In the wetness of summer everything grows at an incredible rate. The Rangers & WoF team took to the trails with brush-cutters, loppers and saws and “saw’d” to it that unruly Mother Nature looked her best for the festive season.

CVC December 2013  4Our Rangers on Patrol

The indigenous trees donated by the FS DEEA have taken well to their new surroundings at the Spruit and reservoirs. Incidences of illegal dumping have decreased for the month but are still a problem. Some of the new markers had been removed, tampered with or maimed by stones thrown by unruly parties. Please inform us A.S.A.P., if anyone is seen tampering with trail signage.
Up to 40 users/day were observed on our trails during the festive season. The rangers were happy to observe that many of them had purchased trail maps and engaged visitors and locals alike in friendly conversation. The C.V.C. received many compliments on the trails and only a few suggestions for improvement. Some plants brought down during heavy rains blocked a section of the stream along the Kloof Dam walk and were removed by the rangers. It seemed that the cattle were enjoying the festive season as they were often seen ditching their herdsmen and making a merry mess in the townships.

Old Rangers, New Style!

Is it a touring rock band? The S.A. army? No – it’s the C.V.C. Rangers, all trussed-up in their smooth new uniforms and chic new gear. Let there be no doubt though that they are the same tireless band who will continue to keep a watchful eye over the environment, come hot sunshine, hail or snow.

CVC December 2013  2The death of aliens and rise of…Christmas trees?
40 A&IP Allepo Pines were cut down in the CNR and reborn – as Christmas trees. The trees were sold at the Square in a variety of sizes during the December Flea-market and during the week thereafter. This was the first time that the C.V.C. had hosted a stand for Christmas trees and to our relief we had a good deal of interest. Hopefully 2014 will see a new record for Christmas tree orders! Thanks to our rangers, Evon Els, Louw van Biljon and Debra Steward for all your assistance.
Special Projects
The rangers have completed the new trail markers on the Kloof Dam Walk and Porcupine trail and done some touch-ups on the other trails where cattle have been rubbing against the directional plates. Eight trails down, one existing and one new (currently unnamed) trail to go.
Special Activities

The rangers attended an event arranged by the Dept. of Agriculture at the soccer grounds in Kgubetswana which acknowledged the participants of the community planting project for their efforts, and awarded some of the more outstanding work with seed-packs, cash, and new garden utensils. The organisers encouraged all the participants to keep up the hard but rewarding work.

CVC December 2013  3
Many small and often cryptic wild-flowers have sprung up literally all over the C.V.C. following good rains. The rangers spent some time documenting and photographing these colourful, often overlooked and exquisite little plants for environmental monitoring purposes.

The C.V.C. would like to enhance its natural assets by installing new high-density recycled plastic benches at key locations in the nature reserve and along the Spruit. If anyone supplies or knows of suppliers who could offer these items at cost or who may be willing to make a donation please contact the C.V.C. either in person or via our website at