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Scorpius   is the southernmost constellation of the Zodiac and is thought to be older than the Greeks. It was the Sumerians who dubbed it GIR-TAB “ the scorpion”, over 5000 years ago.

About Scorpius

Scorpius was documented by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy during the 2nd Century, and is located near the center of the Milky Way.

Scorpius is a gem in the sky, as the red star Antares is located precisely where the imagined Scorpion’s heart should be, whilst the Scorpion’s Sting dips deep into the Milky Way, leading your eye to discover many more impressive starry treasures.

The Sting of the Scorpion was responsible for the death of the Mighty Hunter Orion, according to star lore, thus when the time came for both Orion and Scorpion to take their resting places in the heavens above, the gods thought it good to place the two archenemies in opposite ends of the sky. As result the two constellations can never be seen together in the night sky.

Did You Know

Scorpius used to be twice its current size. Scorpius was featured with two enormous claws in Greek mythology, but the Romans declawed Scorpius in 100BC, transforming the claws to become the scales of justice in the constellation now known as Libra.

How to find Scorpius

Scorpius is one of the brightest constellations in our skies and from the Southern Hemisphere, it sits majestically high in the sky. The constellation occupies a space of 497 square degrees, containing ten stars with known planets.


Scorpius replicates its namesake and all one has to do is to find the fish-hook-tail that extends into the Milky Way alongside the heart of the constellation (a bright red star) known as Antares.

Antares is Greek for “rival of Mars” and is a supergiant star deep red in colour. At a distance of 520 light-years away, and with a diameter 700 times larger than our Sun, Antares will be sure to guide you directly to the infamous Scorpius constellation.

Other Interesting Facts about Scorpius

larens News Clarens skies ScorpioIn Tarot Cards the Scorpian is thought to be a representation of the Death Card.

Pablo Picasso, Bill Gates and Martin Luther were all born under the sign of Scorpio.

Imagination, passion and self-confidence are all traits of the constellation.