Community: Get together to celebrate Theresse’s Life: 16th August, 2014

Community:  Get together to Celebrate Theresse’s life: 16th August, 2014

It is a huge lost to everyone who knew Theresse. She will be missed by her family, friends and all of the Clarens Community. To celebrate her life on Saturday 16/08/2014. Everyone is invited but a special request is that all bikers will attend this day with Dave and all family and friends to celebrate Theresse’s life.

Please contact me regarding the arrange with the bikes on 0847008558/Clarens Pharmacy at 0582561852 or

Biking oil was in her blood,

Petrol flowing through her heart.

Throttle reving but the flood, Meant their engine Wouldn’t start.

The exhaust sounding rather rough, Its noise as cutting as a knife. The gallant spark not quite enough, To fire their engine into life.

The key was turned, the button pushed, Expecting now a biking roar, But the engine … knackered … bushed, Wouldn’t function any more.

Theresse has died but still, her soul rides onward to the west. Her wheels role onward, vale and hill, She soon will find eternal rest.

So we’ll mount up and onward ride, Remembring well the one who died. Towards the sunset on our road, Our biker friend who’s gone before.

Funeral poem for a biker

© 2010 Dick Underwood