Clarens Water Update

Dear Clarens,

As you all are no doubt aware, the entire country is experiencing a drought. Water shedding and water restrictions are being implemented in many municipalities.

Clarens ordinarily draws its water from the Klein Caledon river, which has now run dry. We do, however, have access to the Katse Dam water tunnels. We have been getting our water from this tunnel for the last six weeks. This is very advantageous to us as a community.

However, please be aware that water is a very scarce resource and whilst we are very fortunate to have access to this water, we need to be water wise to avoid possible restrictions in the future.

We do understand that use of the water from the Katse Dam may attract additional costs, but are unable to quantify this at this time.


Melisna Grobler

Communications Coordinator

B.A (Hons) HRM