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The Reservoirs and the Townlands Dam.


  Rodney Wainwright has been in meetings, discussions and inspections of the various critical components of the system and has provided a clearer picture of the situation:

1.The Townlands dam that is our only source for water is at a significantly reduced level. This has been caused by the recent heavy rains in the catchment causing the water quality to drop to a level that it could not be pumped to maintain the dam level. Additional temporary pumping capacity is planned to be installed over the next few days to remedy the situation.

2.The water treatment plant is running at full capacity around the clock to maximise the water inflow to the various village reservoirs.

3.The various village reservoirs are currently estimated to be below 20 percent and it is critical that this be increased to handle the peak loads and possibility of a mechanical or electrical failure.

4.The current water consumption is obviously very high due to the dramatically increased number of consumers. This is making recovery of the water system from the current crisis situation more difficult. As supply cannot be increased, the only recovery opportunity is by reducing the demand / consumption. Every resident and visitor therefore needs to make their contribution.

The Clarens Ratepayers Association (CRA) will be holding further discussion with the Municipality on how this avoidable and unacceptable situation occurred and the necessary action to better manage future supply.  The CRA will continue to provide updates as they work with the Municipality and monitor the situation.



Clarens Municipality Water Notice:


Please help the Town by making every endeavour to reduce water consumption.