Clarens Village Conservancy

 Clarens Village Conservancy

The Clarens Village Conservancy (CVC) was established in May 2004. It is made up of a group of individuals, homeowners and businesses who get together because they are concerned about the state of their environment and wish to enhance and monitor it. The CVC is registered with the Department of Environmental affairs and is registered as a Non Profit Organization with the Department of Social Development. The CVC supports Co-operative environmental management by working in conjunction with Dihlabeng Municipality and manage the Nature Reserve area in accordance with sound environmental principles as prescribed by the various laws and policies of the nature conservation authorities in this area.

There are many ways in which a conservancy makes a difference in protecting the environment. Much of this is done by being vigilant and lobbying the conservation or municipal authorities when contraventions are detected. It is also important to be proactive and to promote projects that will enhance the environment in which the conservancy operates.

Management of the Clarens Village Nature Reserve
Management of the Recylcing Centre 
Environmental Education 


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