Clarens News November 16

Weekend Weather

Warning of possible widespread Hangovers expected Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Notes from the Editor

Ficksburg Cherry Festival this weekend, prepare to eat yourselves sick of these most delicious of nature’s gifts. There will be cherry pip spitting contests, eating competitions, dog shows, horse shows, skydiving, air rifle shooting, Kids Zone and lots more to see and do, so stop in and have a look, only 77km from Clarens through some of the most breathtaking scenery in SA. Ficksburg Cherry Festival 17, 18 NovemberClick on the pic to see their website Well done to Verne and the rest of the tattoo artists who managed to raise R1500 for the Tshepong orphanage and another R1000 for the Police Forum last weekend. Thanks to all who came and got ink for a good cause. The challenge is out, who else is keen to raise funds for local charities? Steel Wings came to Clarens last weekend, and the thunder of their machines gave rise to some debate among locals in the area. A couple of locals felt that the weekend was intrusive on their quiet time, but the overall sense is one of pride that they chose to come and share their time with us. Here follow 2 letters, one from Michael Scheepers of the Tourism Forum, and the other from Piet Groenewald, Chairman of Steelwings Hi Piet Just a big huge thanks from Clarens for a very succesfull weekend with the Steelwings in Clarens I would have liked to spend more time with you guys , but you were so busy that I thought we would do it another time For yourself and Your team, Congratulations on a weekend well organised. There will always be two or three people that complain about the noise, The Big picture is that Clarens is proud  to be part of the Steelwings and this pretigious event. We are extremely thankful for the revenue spend in our town, Also a big Big thanks for the charity contribution to the Paballo Nurses, It is well appreciated and will help us immensly with our limited Medical Services and the selfless dedication of our Nurses Hope to see you soon Regards Michael Scheepers and the response from Piet Hi Michael, I am not sure, but I think you have it all wrong; the reason we had a successful rally/Dstv weekend is due to you helping us to achieve this. Without your assistance, this would not have been possible. From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you for all you have done for us Michael. Steelwings wants to extend our gratitude to all the residents of Clarens and to Craig for the exposure he gave us in his Clarens Newsletter. Also to Garth for taking the same lady (Vrystaat Chronicles) that did a lot of harm to our Steelwings name a few years ago, to task. Other than last time, Steelwings has a panel of law “fundies”, all members that is attorneys and advocates, waiting for her article. We are awaiting the paperwork from Henriette to, in conjunction with Dstv, make their wish come true, concerning the defibrillator.Thanks again and Steelwings greetings to all. Pieter Groenewald. And if you are in any doubt about which side of the fence you choose to sit, here is a letter from the Paballos Nursing Home Hello Craig. A big thank you for the donations we received over the weekend. Karen and Malcolm Hickman from Kalm B/B donated a R1000. Mr.Wally and Mrs. Anne Wallace, visitors from Waterkloof Ridge,Pretoria read about Steelwings on the internet and came to visit Clarens. They made a R5000 donation towards buying a defibrilator. Sr.Antoinette received this fantastic amount after helping Mr Wallace as a patient at Protea Hotel and send him to Hospital. Steelwings then said they will donate the last R4000 we need. THANK YOU, STEELWINGS! We now have R25 000.00 and are now getting final quotes from a few firms. Hopefully we will have the defibrilator for the Christmas holidays. Sr.Antoinette and Sr. Henriette. And on Friday the Beukes Brothers return to Clarens after an 8 month bicycle ride from Cairo to raise funds and awareness for Rhino conservation. They will be arriving at Cafe Xlnt (next to CXtreme at the Willows Center) at 12 noon on Friday, catering to be supplied by the Tourist Forum The Beukes Brothers will be welcomed at Café XLNT They arrive @ 12:00 and will then be directed there. The Rhino-cause fell flat after Andries’s death and it is now purely in memory of Andries. The food etc will be done by The Clarens Tourism Forum in conjunction with Riempies (Horeb Butcher) Karen (Artists Café), Ronel (Clarens Grocer) and other friends of the Beukes family. A Cash bar will be available @ Café XLNT. (if that was me I would have needed the Nursing Sisters about 7 and a half months ago… – ed) News Paper The next issue of the Clarens News hard copy is coming out in the beginning of Decmber, please let me know if you would like to be in it, or if you should be in it. Whether you have a gallery, shop, guesthouse or service you would like to offer our (beloved) readers, please contact me now at Rhinoses Remember Red Nose Day? When the whole country wore big red splats on the front of their cars to support charity? Now we have a new initiative to support Rhino funds: get a big Red Rhinose for the front of your car (or bike) for R35 and know that R28.50 of it goes to anti poaching and rhino rehabilitation. They are available at The Phatt Cheff and at the Henn’s Tooth toyshop, or you can call Simon on 0824693832 to have one delivered. (They look especially good on the front of a Harley, btw) Centenary Yes, more about the Centenary, Fiesta has just let me know that the they will be broadcasting the program of the Clarens Centenary Celebration on the 3rd of December. Maybe someone should organise a showing for all the participants. Of course the debate about outside trading and local interests persists, and is growing fairly heated on both sides. I have left all of this correspondance on the Forum page of the website, click here to see what is being said, and maybe to add your own opinions. Another last word on the Centenary TV Broadcast from the Centenary will be shown on KykNET, Chanel 144 on the 17th December 2012 at 19:30 Hrs. The community bring ‘n braai will be held on 6 December 2012 from 16h30. A commemorative sandstone bench will be unveiled to mark the Centenary.

Things to do THIS weekend

If you not so into the Cherry thing, why not call Karen and go and visit her flower garden and cutting farm

Live Music

Grouse and Claret are having Slipstream unplugged on Thursday night and then with the mighty power of electricity again on Friday night Friends is hosting Van Smith over the weekend, stop in for some food and Drinks specials and don’t forget to check them out here Xlnt (at the Willows Center) will be celebrating the return of the Beukes brothers from their adventures through Africa Artichoke always has something on, pop in and have a drink with Bruce anytime.

Coming Up

ConservancyWonderful news: we have a very exciting fund-raising event coming up. Chris Dalzell – who is in huge demand, all over the world, for his slide show on creating the Singapore Gardens by the Bay – has generously offered to do his presentation,  here in Clarens, specifically to raise funds for our Conservancy. And, the Protea Hotel are putting on a High Tea for us at cost, so that we can turn this into a very special event. I really hope that you can attend. Tickets: R150 per person To book Contact : Toni 082 4492 082 ( email Karen: 084 4201 082 (email: Tickets will be issued on receipt of proof of payment (see bank details below) Tickets are also available in Clarens at The Village Grocer, Old Stone Bottle Store, and The Courtyard To see the flyer and find out more details click here Golf Club ChampionshipsThe community bring ‘n braai will be held on 6 December 2012 from 16h30. A commemorative sandstone bench will be unveiled to mark the Centenary. Clarens Craft Beer Festival Already I am being swamped with queries about the most popular event in the Clarens CalendarPlease click on the pic to go the site and find out all you want

Business News

Titanic Rock


A while ago I had the good fortune of winning a weekend for 6 in Clarens via OFM’s website, which
included 2 night’s accommodation at The Lodge, Rebellie Game Farm, a spa treatment at Clarens
Wellness Day Spa, an adventure package at Clarens Xtreme and dinner at The Posthouse.
Six of us set of last weekend for Clarens and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Firstly, after driving three and
a half hours it was an absolute joy to arrive at The Lodge at Rebellie Game Farm and jump into a hot
Jacuzzi and start relaxing right away. We couldn’t have asked for more – the Lodge is fully equipped,
has 3 bathrooms and outside braai area. There are also the Jacuzzi, outside shower and spectacular
views with various game grazing literally on the lawn. It’s only 14 km from Clarens and the dirt road
was manageable even with our Mini.
After breakfast and exploring the surrounding mountains on Saturday, we ventured into town with
our first stop at Clarens Xtreme. First we had a little archery championship with compound bows.
They were well equipped and offered us bows with different draw strength, and left or right handed
bows. The shooting range is situated under lovely big trees, and we had a lot of fun competing
against each other in the shade. Next up were the Zipline, some of us were more scared than
others, but the staff were helpful and put us at ease.
After all the action, it was time for relaxing at Clarens Wellness Day Spa where we were booked
for back and neck massages. On our arrival, we were offered sparkling wine and the friendly ladies
showed us our rooms. They had no problem accommodating 4 of us at once – we sent the boys
of to entertain themselves. The treatments were pure bliss! The therapists were friendly and
professional, not to mention they had magic fingers! The surroundings were calm and quiet and it
was the perfect way to spend an afternoon.
We then had one final prize to collect, which was dinner at The Posthouse. We had booked an
outside table under the trees and it is such a beautiful setting to have dinner at. We were served
quickly by the friendly and unobtrusive waiters. The food was delicious and beautifully presented,
and I have to mention the trout, which I particularly enjoyed. We had a beautiful evening topped off
with deserts to satisfy every sweet tooth.
In conclusion I want to extend a warm thank you to Nic from Rebellie, Ollie and the staff from
Clarens Xtreme, the ladies at Clarens Wellness Day Spa and Margot from The Posthouse, who all
made our weekend special and unforgettable. A big thank you also to OFM who ran the competition,
it was a perfect prize.
 Ever seen the CLARENS² flag ? Displayed by the Mayor of Montreux, Mr. Laurent Wehrli and Rolf Schlub.

In regards to the flag pictured above, here are some more details I started a drive about 3 Years ago to have a twinning relationship with Clarens Switzerland. I went to Switzerland, spoke to the relevant people there and they thought it was a rather good idea. Back in Clarens I started an interest group to persue this idea. I also designed a flag to indicate the relationship and to show the 2 Countrys and from there the name CLARENS² was born. I hope that explains the purpose of the flag.He has gone even further and produced a range of caps for the Centenary, some of which are still available at the following outlets : Clarens Destination Maluti Tours Renel’s Grocery Store I only made 100 caps at the moment so quickly get yours before it’s too late.’ The entire proceed of these caps will go to Paballo’s Nursing Care. Rolf Schlub

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Geocolaptes olivaceus

ORNITHOLOGICAL NOTES Another week, another woodpecker.    Well, three more actually.   Woody and Doris are delighted to announce the unseasonal arrival of their first clutch of hungry offspring, signalled by the loud cracking of eggshells in the night, below MTN’s failed tribute to post-modernist architecture and forestry.   Named Golum, Lefty and Squawk, these new additions to the avian population of Clarens were busy digesting their first meal as dawn broke over the prone bodies of bikers hibernating on the village square.    Yup, the Steel Wings are in town again, having taken flight from the urban smog to celebrate the birth of the Woody’s heirs with a 4-million decibel cacophony of flatulent rumbling.   Not surprisingly, the Guinea Fowl have fled the noise and even the White-Faced Duck have gone silent and sunk to their eyeballs in the reeds.   Speaking of which, the 12 Guinea-Ducklings and the subjects of my ill-fated observation of last week, have also had enough.   After weeks of attempting to master the art of rowing their reed rafts around the Golf Course dam, under the confused tutelage of their self-appointed foster-mothering White-Faced Duck, they too have had it and fled the scene.   Protracted paddling in a clockwise direction has exercised their left wings to the point of absurdity, while their under-employed right wings are hardly more than speckled stumps.    In a concerted mutiny, they made the shore and sprinted for the familiar shape of Gargantua Guinea Fowl, their biological mother, disappearing under the cover of her welcoming wings in the long grass.   Aaaah!    Sir David will be pleased at this heart-warming end to a tale of the very unexpected. The Twitcher ( With his titanium pecker and cellphonicly charged love nest, we await the reply to Woody’s application to become the world’s first bionic bird by officially getting his own Steel Wings – ed)

Footage of the Township Tavern Tours