Notes from the Editor

Human Rights Day? Darned good idea. Best idea since Winnie told the team to take their stompie out for a drag, and the national police took her at her words. Well, at least a public holiday means they can’t be implementing the State Secrecy Bill for one more day, so good result all in all. Been a busy week, generally, and looks to be even busier for the next 2 weekends. Keep an eye on for up to the minute details of Clarens specials and events.
I remember clearly my first big concert, 1988, Harare, Human Rights Day: Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Tracy Chapman, Youssou N’dour and Peter Gabriel. Chicken flesh it was, to be part of 50 000 people, singing along and going crazy for the final guitar march with all the artists together, and I treasured my copy of the Declaration of Human Rights that came with the ticket for many years. To read the full declaration go to thislink
Of course, when it comes to Human Rights, there are some lines that should not be crossed, and the Twitcher is clearly outraged, judging from his contribution (see sidebar Ornithological Notes), about the proposed Liquor act and its consequences for Clarens, SA, and the world at large


Art Class with Tina de Beer

Last Friday Tina de Beer gave a workshop for 28 art students from Machabeng Maseru from Lesotho at the NG Kerk Saal. They arrived by bus and took directly to their task, painting a poppy in acrylic. I arrived after they had been busy for a few hours, and was amazed by how quiet they all were, totally involved in their work.When I spoke to Tina she almost brought me to tears by telling me about overcoming the “I can’t do it” reflex, and bringing students to an understanding of what they actually are capable of. She has been painting since she was 9 years old and shares her lifetime of learning with Tuesday art classes, Lesotho school groups and corporate art groups. She takes great delight in bringing students of all ages to a deeper understanding of the world of colour and form.   To see images of the class go HERE

Rebellie Game Lodge

We found ourselves looking out over a million mountains in perfect silence the other morning, on the stoep of Nic Prinsloo, manager of Rebellie Game Lodge. Herds of Eland and Black Widebeest step lightly on the crystal that litters the mountain slopes, and the view is majestic. Visit this link to see pictures of the hall (used for conferences, weddings and this weekend a craft art class), the Lodge next to the watering hole, the view, the other separate venues, and the picnic area. Give him a call on0836278391 to book some peace in the mountains.
There is no fence between Rebellie and the Golden Gate Nature Reserve, so the game comes and goes as it pleases. Fresh Eland poo on his stoep is a reminder that these magnificent beasts tend to come and eat the ivy growing on his walls at night, maybe just to hear the opera music Nic loves so much.
Rebellie also has one of the top 10 4×4 trails in the country, over some incredible mountains, definitely worth a spin.


As I write these words I bask in the luxury of a new journo vest. Actually it might technically be a fishing vest, but it suits me just fine. The Jacket Shop (Park Wholesalers) is open and doing business, get down there now to pick up some of your best winter wear, and remember, we owe it to our guests to look good.
They have a huge range of stock, from Annapurna arctic gear, to full cammo bush jackets, faux fur coats and hoodies, all at ridiculous prices. To see some more of their range, and some of the bales of coats, go here

In other News:


A story of hard work and maintaining your vision leads us to say well done to Ntsi Mokoena (Petrus). The 40 year old started working at Mont D’or in 2008 as a waiter, then went to Vitos until a month ago, when he finally had enough savings to buy the second oldest Tavern in Kgubetswana – Zama Zama. No drinking, smoking or wild life lead this local boy (born on Elim Farm, home of Sethuthuthu Quad Bike trails) to having his own place, and from here he plans to go further. He wants to bring in a traditional African dining experience for Foreign visitors, and ultimately work his way up to having his own guesthouse.
He says the greatest thing about going from waiter to owner is being able to say “Welcome to my house” instead “What can I get for you?”. The venue has a fantastic view out over Horeb and the mountains of Lesotho, and he tells me that early in the morning he looks at the mountain, and he borrows it with his mind…
They have a happy hour on Fridays from 7-8, and a Ladies night on Thursday nights, so if you have guests who want a traditional African tavern experience, send them on down to Zama-Zama
To book an evening and arrange for a feast, call Ntsi on 0784510494

Tshepong place of Safety

“Tshepong Centre is a community project of the Combined Churches in Action operating in the Kgubetswana township, and is a non profit organisation relying on donations and gifts from donors and the community.  The Feeding Scheme called Bana ba Hlokang feeds & cares for about 200 children every day, so our needs are substantial.

Our current needs at Tshepong are for computers and musical instruments.  Our on going needs are for books, school books, sports equipment, toys, food, used clothing, furniture and curtains, cutlery, crockery, etc.  Should you have any of the above that you wish to pass on to Tshepong, we will collect it from you.  Please call Mark on 083 613 1079.”

And Finally

CLARENS VILLAGE CONSERVANCY Fund Raising events 23 March 2013 @ 18h30 : Dennis East & Mike Slavin making music @ the newly opened The Courtyard Restaurant R80,00 – Contact Merri Mills 0828510131 – almost sold out!!!!
24 March 2013 @ 12h30 : Dennis East & Mike Slavin making music @ Millpond House, donations to The Clarens Village Conservancy. Bring a picnic + drinks!
Contact Merri  Mills 0828510131


Cluny Animal Trust Golf day on May 31 at the Clarens Golf Club
We are looking for sponsors for the 18 holes. Sponsorship for each hole will be R1,000.00 per hole which allows you to advertise as you wish on the appropriate hole.We welcome any form of sponsorship either in cash or prizes.The competition will be a ‘four ball better ball’. The entrance is R1,200.00 for 4 players, which includes a light lunch at the half way and Prize giving dinner in the evening. If you would like to take part in our golf day or require any further information please contact the co-ordinators:JAN SANDER E MAIL ADDRESS;  cell number 0782462553ROSE BAILEY EMAIL ADDRESS; cell number 0828790161, fax No.0866747750

Live Music and Specials

Street Cafe Specials this weekend
Rugby specials always available, snack platter R120
Sunday OB and Denzl will tickle your earbuds
And Monday we have Awesome Slipstream as well as happyhour.

Dion the Souti from Toti Friday afternoon
Hensie and Denzl will be playing Friday Night
Rugby Saturday
Christiaan van Zyl on Sunday
Specials on Chicken Livers, Haloumi, T-Bone, Eischbein and Claudia has a Bean Potato and Bacon soup

Grouse and Claret
Rick & Friends playing at Grouse on Saturday night

Friends Restaurant
Van Smith will be playing this weekend, Friday and Saturday nights, Rib burger and T-bone specials

Bon Appetit
Proscuito crudo from Italy, Assorted pates from Belgium, Chorizo from Portugal, Brie, St Albray and Roquefort from France…
You can find it all at Bon Appetit!
(you can click HERE for updates as I get them)