The photograph above  features in the 2014 calendar produced by and sold in aid of Cluny Animal Trust.

The photograph was taken from the access road to Sunnyside Guest Farm, between Clarens and Golden Gate, looking back towards the eastern flank of Mount Horeb,  and served as theinspiration for photographer Mary Walker’s article: Valley of Art.  Read more

Calendars can be purchased at The Gallery, Clementines Restaurant and the Old Stone Bottle Store, in Clarens.  Alternatively they can be ordered from Katherine on 0827886287, Jan on 0782462553, Helen on 0582230918 or by email to .  …


 Golden Gate National Highlands Park

50th birthday

There is to be a birthday celebration at the Meriting picnic site on Friday, 13th September 2013,starting at 10.00am.
For further information please contact:  Gloria Ngobeni on 058 255 0933

For those of you who missed last week’s Clarens News, take a look at Mary Walker’s article on the Golden Gate Highland National Park – in honour of the 50th anniversary.


Last week saw several potentially dangerous fires in the surrounding area – and even one on the Golf Estate. Thank goodness for the Working on Fire team, who respond so quickly and efficiently to keep us safe and ensure minimal loss. Everyone however has their part to play:

Ensure that you have fire suppression equipment available for our staff (water hoses, fire beaters, knapsacks, etc.)

Ensure that your staff are aware that they may not light fires in the open.

Ensure that your guests are aware that there is a ban on all open fires.

Ensure that everyone knows who to contact in case of fire.

Why not print out Important Numbers from the Clarens News website and stick them up on your fridge door – or where everyone can see them.

SPF Appeal

Keeping our town crime free is everyone’s responsibility and  all crime should be reported to the police station.

  • Charge office  –  058 256 6001 and 058 256 6002
  • Officer on duty –  082 466 8904
  • Station Commander  –  Capt Mohale – 082 419 7094

In an effort to co-ordinate crime statistics  The Sector Police Forum  also ask that anyone who has not received a case number for crimes reported to the police to please contact the Sector Police Forum. ( Johann Lehman on 083 447 9925)
The SPF does a huge amount of work, keeping our town crime-free. The village is divided into blocks – each with a SAM (Sector Area Manager.)  Residents are more than welcome to contact their SAM to report potential suspicious behavior whereupon the SAM will follow it up with the SAPS.
To see the list of SAMs on duty this month  …

Department of Agricuture: Project on Vegetable Growing

Letter from Tsepiso Mosia

Dear Clarens/Kgubetswana Community

It is a pleasure to inform you that the Senior Agriculture Officials and Hlasela TV Crew are coming to our village tomorrow to inspect and film the households,schools,churches,creches,clinic and projects that have registered and prepared their gardens for planting.

Remember the aim of the project is to teach the people to grow and eat their own vegetables FRESH FROM THE GARDEN  and we will have healthy community.

The good news is that the Clarens Primary School learners have been provided with vegetables seeds packets on 28 August 2013.We ask their parents to help them to prepare the soil so that they can plant the seeds.It is so nice to see that there are people who have vegetables gardens like Mr Daan who lives at 302 Market Street South.

I would like to thank the Clarens Fire Association and WoF Team for the great job that they are doing in making fire breaks and responding quickly to veld fires that occur in our entire valley.This saves our Department and farmers millions of rands by saving Ha from burning.Keep up the good work.Lastly i would like to congradulate Golden Gate National Park on their coming Birthday.

Tsepiso MosiaDepartment of Agriculture & Rural Development
Ph: 710791332E-


Plant of the week: Rhamnus prinoides

Damien Coulson:
Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “Weekly Plant of Interest”. We’ll be looking at a shrubby “bling” species that is easily distinguishable from the majority of the surrounding grassland vegetation.

Rhamnus prinoides or Dogwood (commonly known as Blinkblaar in Afrikaans, or mofifi in Sisotho), is a scrambling shrub of up to 2-6 m in height. Prinoides is derived from the Latin for like the holm-oak (it is possible that both plants share similarities in bark morphology). R. prinoides is generally found growing on forest margins, stream banks and among scrub at altitudes of up to 2150 m A.S.L. This shrub is both widespread, growing from the Western Cape – Ethiopia, and is relatively abundant.  Read more

Golf Club News

The Freshly Pickled Country Gals (a group of 14 fun-loving, adventurous women from different golf clubs in Nottingham Road and other parts of the Natal Midlands were in Clarens this week to improve their golfing skills, and more importantly,  to have some fun. The group certainly brightened up the town with their fun T-shirts, and bright green caps. For most of the group this was their first trip to Clarens, but not their last.  The general consensus was that “ …everybody needs to know what a stunning little town Clarens is “  Apart from playing golf, these Freshly Pickled Country Gals (Sue Till, Paula Beddow, Colleen Anderson, Sandi Bryan, Wendy Slabbert, Alison Hind, Sarah Ellis, Jane Polkinghorne, Linda Smith, Zette Hardie, Missy Hughes, Rosie Symons, Erica Millican, Jane Mullins) did loads of shopping, lunched at the Clarens Brewery, and……generally just had loads of fun. We look forward to welcoming them back to Clarens.

(Information posted to the Golf Estate newsletter by Francois Schoeman)
Phone: 058 256 1385


Forthcoming Golf days at The Clarens Golf Estate

September 28-30                  National Junior Club Championships

October 11                         Jordania Primary Golf Day
October 19th                       CTF Golf Day
October 24th                       BMW Golf Day
October 26th                       CFA Golf Day
December 7th                     Clarens Open


The Twitcher

Being back in Clarens is a serious reality check.  For starters, life moves so quickly here that it is almost impossible to distinguish one day from another.  I accept that Saturdays stand out by virtue of the thousands of tourists who gorge themselves at our tables, buy our quaint offerings and drink the Brewery dry, but apart from that, one day sort of blends into another.

I was reminded of this truism by my reading of George Bernard Shaw, the distinguished twentieth-century Irish dramatist and occasional economist.  He once remarked that ‘the secret of being miserable is to have the leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not’.   Well.  Looking about me, I have to say that for a village at the centre of universe, there are a lot of quite depressed-looking people about.  No criticism of course; I have it on good authority that my own lips point southwards more often than seems reasonable.  But the question that arises is why we are not permanently wreathed in smiles?

Read more


This weekend – Weather

acuweather 13th September


This weekend – Live Music

Friday 13 September:

Grouse and Claret   The Slashdogs and Violet Somedays 20h30

Friends     Swetty Betty 20h00


Coming Events

Everyone is already hard at work preparing for the Classic Clarens Festival 2013.
This is of course still “work in progress” but we will keep you posted as events unfold










Note from the editor

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Genevieve Blignaut to the Clarens News team. With Genevieve’s many talents we envisage that Clarens News will just keep on growing, and get better and better.

Our website is also taking shape, and from Monday next week the website will have an additional  new page:  ADVENTURES.  We have all been working hard at collecting information on all the adventures on offer in Clarens, and will keep on up-dating this page as we discover even more adventures.  Our aim is to build a website which reflects Clarens and everything it has to offer, but,  we need your help to achieve this. Please let us know if we’ve left anything out – or if you have any suggestions as to how we can make this page even better.   email: