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Accuweather Clarens The New Year arrived with thunder and alarums to chase out the Old and welcome in a lucky 13 for all

Notes from the Editor

2013 A NEW YEAR INDEED Welcome everybody to this, a whole new year and a fresh chance to have a go at the resolutions you abandoned last year. I see the slightly surprised looks on the Mayan faces around the world, fear not, secret designs etched into an Oreo Cookie promise at least another couple of hundred years of meteor and apocalypse free weather. For those pets who thought the world was ending, here is a suggestion for getting their own back on firecracker throwers:

There's the one with the crackers...The printed version of the News has been a tremendous success, and the Clarens 66 petrol station has been brilliant in distributing copies as fast as they can get them to our visitors over the last 3 weeks. To find out more about being in the print version please email me on editor@clarensnews.com Matric results also out today, and our esteemed Minister of Basic Education has promised to make it even more basic, expecting an 80% pass rate now that correct spelling of your name counts for 25% towards your end of year marks… And the year is off to a flying start if you put any stock in the auguries of sport, I think we can safely expect NZ to be washed away based on their cricket team’s performance in Newlands on Wednesday. Well done Vern Philander, 5 for 7!!! Fantastic stuff. Especially pleasing to poor Richard Rennie whose biggest enjoyment is the cricket, I hope we do it just for him.Old Stone Bottle Store - Richard RennieTalking of Richard, please see the side bar piece for details of what happened to him on Old Years Day. He is still in ICU as of today, and his attacker is still behind bars. The alleged (hate using that word) attacker, one Moeketsi Moorosi, appeared in the Bethlehem Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, charged with (can you believe it) housebreaking and robbery, and has been remanded till the 14th when his case will go to a higher level, and hopefully the Magistrate, Hester Bothma, will see fit to revise his charges to Assault and Attempted Murder. Clarens residents are expected to be at the court to demand nothing less on the day. There will be community meeting at the NGK hall on Friday at 12 noon to discuss what further actions should be taken, and the creation of a petition to demand that our local station commander, Cpt Mohale, treats this crime with the attention it deserves. For the sake of the town and the continued safety of visitors and locals everybody is urged to attend. Also, if anyone knows about a missing cat in the top part of the square, please go to http://clarensnews.com/community-news/ to see if you can give some informationInjured cat - Clarens NewsIn other news, here is a message from Simon Kerr about the Phatt Chef relocating to The Cranford Inn Phatt Chef closed from Jan 2 for renovation relocation recuperation rejuvenation and general rehabilitation of all concerned. Will REOPEN 11 Feb at CRANFORD INN in a new blaze of glory. Dinners for groups of 8 or more will be served upon request during the closed period. Cheers SimonWe wish him all the best and look forward to the reopening. In the meantime you can call him on 0824693832 

Things to do THIS weekend

Have a great time… And in the morning pop into the Highland Coffee Roastery to try a new creation by Barista Daniel at Highland Coffee: “Stile Macchiato di Daniel” or Macchiato Daniel’s style – a perfectly pulled double shot of espresso, marked with a dollop of creamily foamed milk in a cup lined with condensed milk. While you are there you may want to have a look at the latest Ornithological Note from the Twitcher by clicking here

The Famers Market

continues this Saturday outside Bibliophile, be sure to get there early to enjoy the freshest treats in the area.

Live Music

At Artichoke Restaurant one of the stars of the Smoking Dragon New Year festival, Wendy, will be performing on Friday night, Saturday night (which will also be a post New Year party) and Sunday lunch. Always a favourite sundown venue for locals. Street Cafe will have Deon Spruyt, the Soutie from Toti playing your choice on Saturday afternoon, and have a look out for their specials board, there will be fresh items on the menu every night next week. Friends always has a brilliant happy hour on Wednesday with local bands, and always has music over the weekends as well… Grouse has songs of sadness on Saturday for the farewell party for Steve and Wilma, they will be sorely missed


Mont D'Or January Specials

Coming Up

Golf Competition this weekend, good luck to all Clarens Craft Beer Festival And the biggest event on the Clarens calendar draws near, town is almost fully booked, so make a plan now if you still want to attendPlease click on the pic to go the site and find out all you want, or visit the Brewery to buy your ticket now

Richard Rennie demonstration - Artwork in the mirror above him

Richard Rennie demonstrating his technique One of South Africa’s most renowned artists, Richard Rennie, gallery owner, artist and old friend of Clarens, was brutally attacked by a man know to him and employed as his gardener on New Year’s Eve. The man asked for money, and when he saw that Richard had a considerable amount of cash on him (what with end of year business and public holiday banking issues), laid into him. Richard is 80 years old, and could offer no threat to anyone other than the ego of an aspirant water colourist asking an opinion on another Horeb impression, although his gentle and pleasant nature wouldn’t generally cause him to criticize anyone genuinely intrigued by the arts. Luckily a nearby security guard, Mr Calvin Thame, heard the screaming and rushed immediately to the scene, where he apprehended the perpetrator. We believe that he should be thanked, and rewarded on behalf of the community at large. Further than that however, it is crucial to the town to ensure that this never happens again. The Sector Police Forum is committed to maintaining the peacefulness of the town as much as possible, by raising funds for the salaries of uniformed reservists patrolling on the street in conjunction with the efforts of the SAPS. Unfortunately the current initiative of having 3 reservists on the ground leaves the SPF with a R3000 a month shortfall, for which they are having a fundraising “MacNollie” event in March. Johann Lehman, Chairman of the SPF, explained that if they had a wishlist, it would be to have double the number of reservists on a full time basis, with full permission from the SAPS to patrol in uniform. They are a registered non-profit organization and you can contact him on 0834479925 or the treasurer Alwyn Noeth on 0833835148 to make donations or join the Forum. If you would like to make a donation specifically for the security guard Mr Calvin Thame please make the reference Richard Rennie.Kelvin Thame - Clarens HeroRichard is currently in ICU in Bethlehem Hospital with 3 broken ribs and facial damage. We wish him a speedy recovery hope that his 2013 improves dramatically. Looking back at the records, this is not a violent town, and crimes of this nature are not to be tolerated. Although endemic to the country, this one act of opportunism can not be allowed to happen in Clarens again. We are a peaceful community, and will take great pains to ensure that we remain so.

To add your voice to this topic go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/Richard-Rennie/482104291841912 and join the chorus of support

Things to do in Clarens


The village is filled with an abundance of shopping, to see some of the local stores (no franchises) click HERE


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Clarens cap - Clarens News

Message from Rolf Schlub

I have now transferred R 1950.- to Paballo’s home care trust, resulting from the cap sales. The total is now R 4615.- to Paballo’s from the cap sales. My big thanks go to Ronel from the Clarens grocer, Dean from Maluti Tours and Jean from Clarens Destinations, all of them sold these caps without making a profit for themselves. (editor’s note well done on this initiative Rolf, thanks)

Street Cafe Pizza

Pizza Hut creates a “pizza perfume” Rose? Violet? Vanilla? If it were up to the Canadian branch of a fast-food chain the next trend in scent would be pizza. Smelling of “fresh dough and a little spice,” Pizza Hut in Canada has created a limited edition perfume. The idea started out as fun on the company’s Facebook page but then serious inquiries followed up, a spokesperson told the Globe and Mail newspaper. “We did a couple of rounds trying to get the right smell. All of them were not fun. You’d think cheese smells nice. Not so.” But the final result has been described as “delicious.” A limited edition of 100 bottles of the perfume is to go to the company’s Facebook page fans.