Working with the youths on almost a daily basis has made me see the eagerness that many youths have to have their talents exposed and appreciated. Clarens is not only the jewel of Freestate when we talk about its blessedness in relief splendour and classy hospitality, a generation of talented youths is also rising. In this wake, Dihlabeng Christian Church Youth Group has organised a platform for ‘Clarenites’ to show their talents.

The Dihlabeng Christian Church Youths will be going for a Camp from 06 January 2016. This type of camp has become an annual happenning. It helps youths to focus on being the best in the year ahead. The more focused youths a commmunity has, the more the potential it has to develop. These camps are normally paid for to attend. For 2016, the organisers are focusing on taking as many youths to the camp as never before. They thus do not want the camp antendees to be burdened by paying exorbitant fees to attend. This has made them to come up with this afundraising Talent-Show. All the funds to be raised on this day will go towards the January 2016 camp.

The Talent-Show will be held onn Wednesday 09 December 2015 at Dihlabeng Christian Church, from 17h00.

I can see two birds being hit by one stone here. First, the Talent-Show is a platform for the exposure of the talents embedded in Clarens. Secondly, the Talent-Show is a fundraising for a Camp that will change the lives of a sizable number of youths in our community. This is not a business, but an input into the development of minds and talents. One man once said,”The future of a forest lies in a seed.”. This is a plaform for the birth of a great forest, a great community.

OnwardArticle by Onward Mvurume

November, 2015