Clarens Community Vegetable Growing Project

The Clarens Community Vegetable growing project is progressing well, and I was invited to help with assessing those gardens which are part of the project.   I must say, it was heartwarming to see how many gardeners are taking part in the project, and my congratulations must go to Tsepiso for getting this project out of the ground.     Unfortunately, Clarens has a very late start to the growing season,  so many of the gardens were still in the seed germination stage.  It was however patently obvious that much work had been done getting the gardens ready. What’s more, a lot of the back-breaking work that goes with starting a new garden from scratch is being undertaken by people who are “way past their prime” with very little in the way of utensils. (Many of the gardeners do not even own a hosepipe!) Prize giving will take place on the 29th, when every gardener will also be given a certificate of participation. Prizes, however, are in short supply, and we appeal to all Clarens residents to donate a prize.  It really doesn’t matter how small: these gardeners would appreciate every little bit of help. And just think, how much food a a tiny packet of vegetable seed can grow into.  (Article by  Toni B Walters)


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