Richard Rennie 50111

Today is Richard Rennie’s 82nd birthday!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICHARD!    I’m sure it will be quite a celebration at the Richard Rennie Gallery this afternoon  See you there.

AND on this special occasion it seems appropriate not only to celebrate Richard’s birthday, but also to celebrate art in Clarens.   Clarens is known as an art centre – and our art scene seems to be getting more and more vibrant.   One of the things that is so special about the art in our town is that there is such a wide range of art on offer – something to everyone’s taste.   The website has a list of the galleries in town – and a new ART ROUTE is about to be published.

Calling all artists:

Clarens News has  already uploaded most of the Art Galleries to Galleries Page on our website, and are happy to promote all art (and related) courses on our events page.  (If you have a gallery, please check the information on your page – and if you can’t find your listing, please send us your information so that we can rectify the matter.)

Clarens News would however like to take our website a step further and honour all those artists who live and work in Clarens but do not have a gallery of their own.   We’ve seen your work in our restaurants, hotels, and shops, but we’d love to have you listed on our website as well.   Please send us your details:  who you are, your contact details, a description of your work with one or two images if possible, and where visitors can see your work.     We are also happy to highlight news from your blogs or facebook pages in our newsletters.

And on that note.   We’ve been following Peter Bonney’s blog:   Click onto the blog and catch a glimpse of his latest work.

Clarens on Printerest

Another exciting development for Clarens News is that we are uploading images of Clarens onto our Printerest page.   (We were thinking of adding a gallery page to our website – but concluded that using Printerest would make it much easier for everyone to share.)  We’ve already started with a few and are about to upload an image posted to our Clarens News timeline on facebook from Lize Artist On Demand.   Lize writes:

I stay in Midlands KZN and was on holiday in Clarens in August. I went to Kado and was fascinated with the old Chev and took a photo as I decided I had to do a painting and thought I will share it with the Clarenites.


Have you heard of the Klopse?   The KLOPSE is kind of Friendship Club that meets monthly (every month on the last Monday evening of the month) in the Methodist hall.   It had its beginning around 2001 as the “Afrikaanse Aand”. Although never exclusively Afrikaans it provided an opportunity for especially Afrikaans speakers to come and share with others their professional and general interests. The name was adopted after a talk by the late (Professor) Daan Wybenga (an eminent linguist) in which he explained the origin of the “Klopse” movement among the Coloured people at the Cape: they observed the “Clubs” of the British, and decided to have their own “Klopse” (from the word “club”). So Clarens’s own “Klopse” was born!

The KLOPSE in Clarens welcomes all friends who are interested in an informative talk (often illustrated) on a wide variety of subjects. In 2014, for example, subjects like the following were dealt with by knowledgeable local people: The Incas of Peru; African Music, Legends and Heroes from the Greek Classics; Sustainable Development of Cities; The Science of Diamonds; A sea voyage along the coast of Norway; The Conservation of the Clarens Environment. The variety is great, and the subject matter always interesting.   All are heartly invited to the gatherings at 18:30, on the last Monday of the month (except December). More information is available from Dons Kritzinger, 082-849-1505 or 058-256-1179.

The November meeting was postponed to this Monday (1st December, 2014)  .   You’ll find further details on the Events Page..

Ebola – A Threat to our Tourism Industry

Having just visited the Netherlands, Greece, France and Italy, I can’t say I am particularly surprised to receive an article from The Economist:  Economic Consequences of Ebola.  As soon as anyone we met discovered we were from South Africa they asked about Ebola.   We did our best to explain that it wasn’t a problem in South Africa, and those that believed us and didn’t move away, then asked if we knew any of the schoolgirls that had been kidnapped (Nigeria), or if we (like the “blade-runner”) slept with a weapon next to our bed.  It all seems so far-fetched, but yes these factors are probably having an impact on the number of tourists who visit South Africa – and will be felt even in Clarens.

So what can we do about it?   Not much except to spread information on the facts as widely as possible.   Derek Joubert’s article Ebola and Africa written for AG Africa Geographic is an excellent read, and we would suggest that it be passed on whenever possible.  ( You never know – it could make a difference.)  Click here to read the full article.


Have a look at the events page on the website.   With Christmas happening next month it seems that there’s already a lot of planning going on in Clarens to celebrate this special day.   But – why wait until Christmas – there’s a lot of fun to be had in Clarens before then.   Check the Clarens News facebook page on friday afternoon for news on the weekend’s music and weather.    Other events coming up soon include:

28th November:  Richard Rennie’s 82nd Birthday
29th November:  Cherry Food Market at Cafe Moulin
29th November, 2014:  Clarens Country Market
29th November:  Anton Benzon & Dianne Erasmus at Robert Badenhorst Art Gallery
29th November:  Christmas time show at Martie Lotz  hall
30th November:  Cherry Food Market at Cafe Moulin
30th November:  Christmas Carols service
KLOPSE FRIENDSHIP CLUB:  Ist December  Klopse Friendship Club
Brian Taylor Comedy Evening at Shumba Valley
6-7 December:  Clarens Open
6th December: Yalla Habibi


AND then there are lots more exciting events coming up in December, but more about those in the next newsletter.  (You can, of course, take a sneak preview by visiting the Events page on the website.)


Christmas is coming

Calling all Clarens Restaurants.   Please let us have your Christmas lunch menus:   We will upload them on our events page.   (Christmas Lunch is, after all, an event).


Remember to have a look at our Classifieds page on the website.   An interesting new building block now manufactured in Clarens has just been listed.   You may also need to order your Christmas cake……..

Final Thought: Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was celebrated in the USA yesterday.    Speaking personally, I give thanks everyday that I am lucky enough to live in Clarens.