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News from the Recycling Centre

RecyclingClarens can be extremely proud of our Recycling Centre. Not only does the Recycling Centre keep our town clean on a day-to-day basis, but they all stepped up to ensure that the town stayed clean throughout the recent BMW Motorrad weekend. They swept, cleaned toilets, tidied and cleaned the square, stage, showrooms and surrounds, collected 1.5 tonnes of recylable material and even food for the township pigs. What’s more they paid out more than R10,000 in wages to the casual labourers from the township who helped with this huge operation. WOW!!!!

Evon Els (who runs the Recycling Centre under the umbrella of the Clarens Village Conservancy) sent in the following report:

The Recycling Centre was asked by Dr Clean from Johannesburg to do the cleaning for the BMW Motorrad week held in Clarens. We started on Tuesday 3/11/2015 and were the last to leave the square on Wednesday 11/11/2015.

I spread the news that I need people to work as cleaners on the square and they had to come down to the recycling centre to fill in application forms. It was a shock to see how many people are actually looking for work but I could only take on the first ones to apply. (It felt really awful having to turn the others away.)

I had 29 people from our Township working shifts from 08h00 until 17h00 during week days and during the weekend our shifts ran to 23h00. A total amount of R10 305.00 was paid out in wages to the people.

All workers got uniforms and caps from Dr Clean and they looked very professional.

We cleaned 77 drums (and by continually putting clean bags into the drum we could ensure that they never became full); 27 toilets, the beer tent, VIP tent,food preparation tent, tables and chairs, the stage and backstage area, the showroom and entrance, all the exhibitor tents, as well as the square itself, and the surrounding streets. We collected everything – recycling as well as food and rubbish. The food was in separate bags and I dropped it off at the pig owners down at the recycling yard. In total I collected 1.5 tonnes of recycling material. The non recyclable material was almost non existent as all food stalls used recyclable material.

This really was a magnificent effort.   All those who are already members of the Clarens Village Conservancy can give themselves a pat on the back.   Those of you who haven’t signed up as members yet click here for your membership application form.

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Clarens Recycling Centre

Clarens Recycling Centre

Fouriesburg Road, Clarens
Contact:  Evon Else:   073-708-7832

Clarens Recycling Centre

The Clarens Recycling Centre in managed by the Clarens Village Conservancy.

Prior to the 26th of August of last year, our pint-sized recycling centre struggled along in the absence of daily management, relying on borrowed funds and causing a big headache for the C.V.C. committee. Then things changed and she happened – Mrs Evon Els, a recent inclusion in the Clarens community voiced her intention to turn things around at the rec. centre – and that she has. Fetching, sorting, bailing and transporting loads of recycled materials to their penultimate destinations is no easy – and certainly not the most pleasurable task. Yet since stepping in, the rec. centre has observed more than a quadrupling of capacity; the precision and pace with which items are sorted has increased dramatically and now up to 4 loads a day, 3 days a week may be transported. This all at personal expense and utilising personal equipment without the expectation of a salary – yet day in and day out Mrs Els is there, often before anyone else arrives and is usually the last to leave.

Currently there are 3 individuals employed on a contractual basis with extra hands being brought in at peak tourism times for Clarens. Watching these individuals and their leader at work is actually most interesting and the sorting process is an educational experience for anyone with a few moments to spare. Certainly it helps develop an appreciation for the recycling process as a whole and respect for those who are involved in it. A big Thank you Evon for your team’s efforts and an extended thanks to all who already are involved in recycling in Clarens – your efforts are helping to keep the streets of Clarens clean and are definitely having a positive effect on the environment.  (Extract from “It’s all about The R’s” – article written by Damien Coulson for Clarens News.   Click here to read the full article)

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Recycling is very much part of Environmental Education.  Click onto the Environmental Educationpage to see how our rangers (with a lot of help from Sherri Gersh and Ollie Esplin) are turning environmental education into a fun activity.