Bana ba Hlokang – Children in Need

Bana ba Hlokang Children in Need Clarens

Bana ba Hlokang – children in need – is an initiative of a network of churches in Clarens caring for orphans and vulnerable children. Its main aim is first of all to ensure that no child in our community will go hungry, and secondly to achieve this goal in ways which will encourage hope, dignity and a sense of belonging.

In carrying out the above it is the intention to work determinedly yet gradually towards an increasing ownership and leadership of the project by the township people amongst whom we are working.

Our feeding scheme relies totally on donations which we receive from tourists visiting Clarens, businesses in Clarens and our own community who donate milk, bread, fruit, etc. on a weekly basis.

Following a lengthy gestation period the dreams of a number of people in Clarens suddenly took shape under the umbrella of CCIA (Combined Churches in Action).  The birth of Tshepong was marked by the historic signing, on the 2nd December 2008, of an Agreement between the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa (URCSA) Clarens Congregation and CCIA.  The URC made available approximately 2 000 sq meters of its land for the purpose of erecting a building for CCIA’s Youth and other projects.

Once born the project grew and developed in leaps and bounds.  Fifteen months later the beautiful Tshepong building was ready for use by the two major participating projects – Bana ba Hlokang (Children in Need) and Cave Ministries.  Blessings poured upon the project including financial, materials and labour.  They have been donated from within our Village Community and from far- and- wide.  A building estimated at its commencement as costing R1,25 million has been erected for the amount available from the two projects i.e. R600 000.00.

We are most grateful for gifts of support received from so many compassionate people


CCIA is a registered Non-Profit Organisation  NPO  Number 44-650

Public Benefit Organisation:  P-BO Number 930016906

All Donations are Welcome

Phone (27) 058 256 1126


Bank details:

ABSA Bank,  Code: 50233,
Account name: CCIA – Bana,
Account No.: 406 728 6946.



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