There are a wide range of activities and things to do that one can enjoy whilst visiting Clarens.  What’s more there is something for everyone no matter what their age or level of fitness.  It’s not surprising therefore that Clarens is often referred to as the Adventure capital of the Free State. For more information, click onto the icons below.  These will take you to the information page for that specific activity, describe what equipment (if any) you need, and also tell you where to go and where necessary which adventure companies to contact. If, however, none of these appeal to you, you need never be bored in Clarens.    Take time to explore the town, browse the art galleries and shops, try out the various restaurants and coffee houses,  or take a drive into the surrounding countryside. (Click on the sightseeing/self drive option for a list of suggestions.)


Local Tours

Sometimes the best way to get to know an area, and to learn more about its history and culture is to go with a guide.   Click onto the icons below to find out more about tours available from Clarens.

Exploring Lesotho

Lesotho is just a matter of hours away and Clarens is the perfect base for those who wish to explore The Mountain Kingdom.    Click here for more about visiting Lesotho and Tours to Lesotho from Clarens.