A Visit to Thusanang Care Group Clarens

Thusanang Care Group in Clarens

Driving through Kgubetswana I couldn’t help but smile from my heart. The kindness experienced in the beautifully kept township of our town made me feel truly grateful to be a part of our community. One of the treasures that must be explored and supported is the Thusanang Care Group. This Non-Profit organization was established in 2004 running various programs free of charge to the Kgubetswana community.  Health and welfare is the main focus of Thusanang rendering services such as Home Based Care, HIV/ Aids awareness and Orphaned and Vulnerable children programs.

Thusanang Care Group Clarens Thusanang Care Group Clarens
Thusanang Care Group Clarens Thusanang Care Group Clarens


The work that Lucas and the 11 Caregivers do are admirable and life changing. The educational programme, run at the Thusanang Daycare Center, helps children of the community read and write whilst providing after school care in a safe environment. Here 70 children are provided with homework assistance, food for hungry tummies and most importantly love and acceptance.  Thusanang also helps orphaned children apply for social grants they are entitled to and if the opportunity arises employ parents of the estimated 650 orphans who live in the community. Home Based Care is provided to the sick and elderly. Working in partnership with the clinic and the Department of Health, Thusanang ensures that the patients are fed, bathed and given their correct prescriptions ensuring optimized recovery.

Thusanang Care Group Clarens Thusanang Care Group Clarens Thusanang Care Group Clarens

Another brilliant initiative is the Thusanang Bakery where you can indulge in the euphoric smell of freshly baked bread, buns and vetkoeke. The bakery is open to the whole of the Clarens community baking 80 fresh breads a day and a whopping 300 mouthwatering vetkoeke! The 6 bakers pride themselves in their work and all profits are reinvested in the Kgubetswana community. Nineteen-year-old baker Lengou Themba strated working at the bakery in April and already aspires to run his own bakery at varsity.

The Poverty alleviation programme funded by Public Works have employed 100 workers to clean the community, spreading hope and opportunities to those who so desperately need it.

The biggest challenge Thusanang faces however is their lack of space. The programme keeps on growing and expanding and the small rented space seem inadequate for the bigger dreams and visions of Thusanang Care Group. Donations and funds are always much appreciated and really does make a difference in the quality of life to so many close to us.

We are looking forward to see the Sewing project take flight next year which will make and distribute school uniforms to the leaders of tomorrow!

If you would like to be more involved with Thusanang, be it financially or emotionally please contact:

Lucas at 078 521 8712 / thusanangcaregroup@yahoo.com


Thusanang Care Group
Registration Number: 057/128 NPO
Public Benefit Organization: 930028124
Bank details:
Thusanang Care Group
FNB:  Branch (Bethlehem) 230133
Cheque Account number: 62324809310
Director: Mr Khehla Lucas Bukhali



GenevieveText and photography:  Genevieve Blignaut