It seems that writing should now be seen as a dangerous occupation.   Even expressing an opinion could be seen as being prevocative enough to invite violence.   And if you think that this sort of thing could only happen in France or the Middle East, think again.   The recent attack on Zainub Priva Dala in Durban proves that even in South Africa, one needs to be extremely careful.   And where is this going to stop.   Clarens News shared a post from the Books Live blog on our facebook page.   The blog starts off with the following:

On Wednesday March 18 author, Zainub Priya Dala was violently attacked as she left her hotel during the Time of the Writer Festival in Durban. A woman driving alone, she was harassed by three men who forced her off the road, cornered her, held a knife at her throat, smashed a brick in her face, and called her “Rushdie’s bitch”. The day before she had been asked about writers she admired: Salman Rushdie’s name had figured on a long list of others. People walked out in protest.

We at Clarens News hope that you will agree that every South African citizen has the right to their own opinion, although clearly there are some who don’t agree.