Snow on Mount Horeb Clarens

Table of contents: A change in the weather; Other changes? Oh yes – we had elections this week; The National MTN MTB Series –  Report Back; Parking in Clarens; Upgrading of Clarens Water Treatment Works; The Twitcher; Clarens Tourism Forum AGM; Letter from Clarens Ratepayers Association; Plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve; Female Entrepreneur Awards : Closing date 14 May 2014 Paballo’s Nursing Sisters Annual Leave Helping SA – Cancer awareness campaign Coming Events: Mother’s Day Coming Events: Super rugby Making Clarens News Work for you

A change in the Weather.

No – we haven’t had snow yet, but since this editions photograph was taken on 11th May last year we can’t be blamed for thinking that it could snow at any time now.   We’ve certainly been blessed with the most fabulous weather recently, but  a quick look at accuweather – shows much coolet weather ahead.  They’re not predicting snow…….. but you never know!

Other changes?  Oh yes – we had elections this week.

Letter from Mandy Prior

Well another election has come and gone. There is some good news!! The DA has become the official opposition in the Free Sate. The sad news is that the voters’ numbers were down from the last Local election, however way up from the last National election.

Unfortunately in National elections the word on the ground is that “we must vote ANC so that the White government never comes back into power”.

Do not lose heart though because every year sees the majority become more and more educated in the ways of government.

Unfortunately, there still seems to be an apathy amongst White and youth voters to take ownership of the country. I can quite understand the resentment amongst the middleclass as they watch their rates and taxes squandered and the infrastructure of the country crumble.

The only way available to us to bring about change is to vote.

Thanks to all who made the effort, no matter which way you voted, to give a voice to the country.

Clr.Mandy Prior

For more comments on the elections see The Twitcher below.

The National MTN MTB Series –  Report Back

Letter from Clarens Toursim Forum:

And so another superb event concludes in Clarens. Sincere thanks to Advendurance, event owners and organisers of the MTN MTB Series in Clarens.

Thanks also to other contributors to the success of this event:A Massive thank you from the Advendurance Team to the entire Clarens Community for their support of this event. 2014 Saw their largest number of entries to date for the Clarens leg – 1825 unique entries with a total of +/-2200 riders over the 2 days. This event first started in Clarens in 2004 with 250 mountain bike riders so the growth over the last 10 years is evident! In a post-event meeting attended by Wessel van der Walt and Francois Theron (Advendurance), Paul Pretorius (Advendurance representative), Rodney Wainwright (CVC + Fire Association), Dawn Wainwright (Paballo’s Nursing Services) and Tammy Hancock (CTF), the future of the event in Clarens was discussed with the objective and vision to further improve, grow and enhance the event. To this end the date of the 2015 Clarens leg has been moved to 17 – 19 April 2015. Contributing factors to the date change are:

i.         to avoid the conflict with a usually productive long weekend in Clarens; and,

ii.         date change of another major mountain bike race event.

Read more

Parking in Clarens

Parking in ClarensIf facebook is anything to go by, the recent cycling event in Clarens seems to have sparked off the perennial debate on parking in Clarens.  We published an excellent article by  Louw van Biljon  in Clarens News last year.  Click here if you missed this well researched article.  There’s much food for thought.

Upgrading of Clarens Water Treatment Works

Clarens Water Treatment Works Click here   for Background information: Introduction; Environmental Authorisation Process; Overview of Currrent water infrastructure; Technical Details; Potential environmental issues; Registration to participate in Environmental Authrotisation Process; Comment Sheet      

The Twitcher

Whew!  Another election gone and everything stays the same.  Give or take a percentage point here or there, all we have to show for billions of Rands-worth of hot air in the media is the introduction of red berets to the Parliamentary fashion ramp and the demise of the oldest politician on the block.  Along with some other long-standing stalwarts of Parliamentary privilege, Mangosuthu and his late-lamented goat herders have largely disappeared, leaving KZN with some pretty boring okes in dark suits.  Gone forever are nights of intrigue in what was briefly the world’s smallest provincial capital (to whit, a one-roomed hotel and a three-storey parliament) and cow’s foot soup for breakfast.  He will be missed, not least by journalists everywhere, as the longest speech-maker in contemporary history.  Your faithful scribe actually remembers the world’s newspapers calling his offices in Ulundi (or should that read, in desperation), asking them to halt a 794-page faxed speech from their silky leader.  Ah, those were the days of real communicators.  Goodbye Gatcha and enjoy the pension.   Read more

Clarens Tourism Forum

Clarens Tourism Forum AGM The Annual General Meeting of the Clarens Tourism Forum will take place on the 22nd of May 2014 at 16hOO at Mont d’Or Hotel, Clarens. Click here to see the Notice, Agenda, and Proxy Form

Letter from Clarens Ratepayers Association

Hi There Dihlabeng Budget:  Attached ( Click here ) is the letter which Rodney and I compiled following the Budget meeting, which was held on April 23rd.  The letter was hand delivered to various parties in the Municipality and contains our concerns about the Budget and other serious matters.  Simultaneously an article from the DA, with similar concerns, appeared in the local “ Vrytstaat”.

High Mast Lighting:  We’ve had a number of complaints from around the Village and in Larola about the high mast lights in the Township, they are facing either upwards or into the village.  Shining into bedrooms of residents homes and the accommodation for visitors. The new one in the Stadium has exacerbated the situation.  We have talked to the Contractor at the Stadium.  He has agreed to call back the electrical contractor to adjust the lights and also to set them so that only 2 of them come on at night.  However, it may take some time to get the electrical contractor back.  Hold thumbs!

With regard to the other lights, Peter Reed advises that the guy with responsibility for these is on leave, but will be back early May, when the other lights will be adjusted as necessary. Knowing that these lights were installed in the Township for security purposes, they are not really doing much good shining in the sky.  Please pass this info to anyone else who has a problem – I don’t have the email addresses of all residents, only those who have joined the Ratepayers Association. Kind regards Pat Chairperson, Clarens’ Ratepayers’ Association 058 256-1123 Click here for more about the Clarens Ratepayers Association

Clarens Village Nature Reserve:  Protea Plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve:

Protea roupelliae Damien Coulson Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “bi-Weekly Plant of Interest”. Well it’s been some time since we’ve included a woody plant in our line-up of must-see-plants, thus this week’s plant hales from the Proteacea (Protea) family. Protea roupelliae(Silver Protea in English, Silversuikerbos in Afrikaans and seqalaba in Sesotho), is a small tree that grows to between 3 & 7 m tall. This plant is found on grass slopes in close proximity to rocky outcrops, usually at altitudes of up to 2400 m A.S.L. P. roupelliae is endemic to S.A. One also gets the feel that they are in a totally different part of the country when walking among the Protea’s. The photos below were not in fact taken in the Clarens Nature Reserve but on private farmland within 10 km (or 5 minutes’ drive) of Clarens.     Read more

Female Entrepreneur Awards : Closing date 14 May 2014

Hi All.

The National Department of Agriculture,Forestry & Fisheries is running the competition for women in different sectors of agriculture.As the Provincial Department of Agriculture & Rural Development we have been tasked to invite all interested female Entrepreneurs to take part in this competition.

Thabo Mofutsanyana District is inviting all Female Entrepreneurs to take part and represent our wonderful district in the Province.If they win in the Province then they will represent Free State Province in the National Competition.  Read more

Paballo’s Nursing Sisters Annual Leave

Please note that Sisters Henriette and Antoinette of Paballo’s Nursing Care @ Clarens will be taking their well deserved annual leave as follows:

Paballos Nursing Care Clarens

Last day of work 1pm on Thursday 15 May 2014
First day of work 8.45am on Monday 9th June 2014Click here to see more notices on the Community Bulletin Board Click here for more information on Paballo’s Nursing Care

Helping SA – Cancer awareness campaign

Helping SA is having a cancer awareness campaign to raise funds for children with cancer in state hospitals.

There are a lot of children without winter pajamas or any pajamas for their stay in hospital, they also do not have much to keep them busy and their minds off what they are going through, the funds raised through this campaign will be used to buy the children clothing and toys and will also assist with the traveling for the children and their parents to and from the hospital. With this project in 2013 we made a lot of children smile and just for that minute or two they forgot about their pain and the scariness of what they are going through, we also did not just do this for children with cancer but also with other children that is ill or has dread illnesses. We will be doing the same this year to focus on all children to make what they are going through easier for them.

The fundraising will be done by asking for a R100 donation towards this project ….Read more

Coming Events: Mother’s Day

Mothers Day at Mont d'Or

Coming Events:

Click here:  To see what else is happening in Clarens

Super rugby

Watch all the action at one of our local Clarens pubs (and if you want to watch it on a big screen go to Artichoke).  The atmosphere is great –   almost like being at the game! Making Clarens News Work for you: Clarens News is here for you to enjoy, use, and promote all things Clarens.   Get it to work for your business by listing on the website.   Contact the

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