What’s happening at the New Clarens Sports Stadium?

Aiden Wampach (Project Manager) of The Clarens Sport Arena located opposite the Clarens Combined school in Kgubetswana.


Julio Ontong

Julio Ontong

On The 1st of March 2014 I sat down to interview Aiden Wampach. To all of you that are not familiar with Aiden, he is the Project Manager of the Clarens Sport Stadium that is currently still under construction. Aiden works for Mofomo, which is the Project Management company that is building and constructing the stadium.


1) What is the intention that this stadium is hoping to achieve?

Well, the initial objective was to provide a proper sporting facility to Clarens and its’ community. It was arranged around the concept of uplifting the community. The Municipality approached us to bring about this vision and concept.

2) Have you experienced any difficulties so far in doing this project?

Conditions in Clarens for the past few months was very rainy and this is always a negative aspect when it comes to building. Clarens is still very remote and to get special materials such as steel over here is quite a challenge. Transport is therefore also another factor to consider.

3) What facilities can we expect?

You can expect a football field, tennis courts and a pavilion. Apart from that, there are also other decent facilities such as locker rooms including restrooms for both male and females. There will also be disabled restrooms. The facility will also have a built in Kiosk  and a medical room.

4) In terms of security and maintenance, do you perhaps know of who would be in charge of the stadium once completed?

The Municipality will be in charge of that.

5) How many workers are there currently?

There are 25 workers. I am proud to say that 18 of those workers reside in Clarens. The rest are regulars from Bloemfontein. I find them very respondent and helpful.

 6) Do you think that building a sports stadium is justified here in Clarens?

Yes, if it can keep kids off the streets than it is more than justified the way I see it.

7) Do you consider this project one of your biggest so far?

Ha ha ha…oh no I have worked on projects that reached 3-billion in value before.

8) Do you think this stadium suits Clarens’ culture and sight seeing nature?

 Yes from a architects point of view, the way it is laid out and the colour of the stadium sought of gel in with the environment.

9) Is this your first time visiting Clarens and how was your experience thus far?

Yes it is my first time being here. I found it a bit pricy. I like the community of people here. It is a clean & tidy little town and I will recommend it to anyone that is into sight seeing.

10) Is everything on schedule? When can we expect the opening of the stadium?

There has been delays because of the scarcity of certain materials not arriving on time. We were given an extension for the project. The due date for everything to be finished and rounded off is on the 20th March 2014.  So you can expect the opening  on the 20th March.


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