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Springbuck on the Clarens Golf Estate;
Clarens Toursim Forum Report Back;
Plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve;
Guided Hiking Tours;
Clarens Recycling Centre;
Fermenting Workshop- a Comprehensive look into Fermented Food and Beverages & Digestive Health;
Charlotte Theron Kinderhuis – Report Back;
It is time to plant fruit trees  (Reminder);
Maluti Radio – Listen Live;
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Springbuck on the Clarens Golf Estate

13 Springbuck (1 ram and 12 ewes) were introduced to the Clarens Golf Estate on Wednesday.  And they are beautiful! Francois Schoeman the estate manager told Clarens News that aesthetics is the main reason for introducing the springbuck, and The Clarens Golf Estate is now the only 18-hole golf estate in the Eastern Freestate that offers golfers a bit of game viewing as they make their way around the course.   The springbuck are part of the Beukes Wildlife breeding program, and it is hoped that another 8 will be introduced towards the end of September.  Mrs Beukes however informed Clarens News, that it all depends on how well they settle in.   It seems that moving game is a tricky business and a lot of care is taken to ensure that animals adapt well to their new environment.  Hopefully all will go well, and these new residents will flourish in their new home.


Clarens Toursim Forum Report Back

The CTF held its AGM on Tuesday 28th July 2015 at Mont d’Or Hotel.   A new committee has been elected and they have a lot planned for the next year, including the Getaway Show, as well as a Market Research Survey.   (And since the last one was done in 2010 this is probably well overdue.)   Click here to read the full report.

Plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve

Article and photography by  Damien Coulson
Head ranger:  Clarens Village Nature Reserve

Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts.

This week we’ll be looking at another member of the rather large Asteraceae (Daizy) family.

Helichrysum adenocarpum subsp. adenocarpum (Pink Strawflower in English, Pienksewejaartjie in Afrikaans and senkotoana in Sesotho) is a perennial herb, and occurs often in a reclining position, but may also be erect. The distributed is widespread from the Eastern Cape – Zim. This everlasting species is found in grassveld regions in close proximity to, or on moist slopes. It is a hardy species, as it tolerates both frost and drought and grows even at altitudes as high as 3000m A.S.L.

The specimen photographed was observed along the margins of the Porcupine trail, and was made even more eye-catching by the general dearth of other flowering plants in the vicinity in comparison to the almost iridescent pink-white sepals of this wildflower.  Read more


Guided Hiking Tours

The Clarens Village Nature Reserve rangers offer guided tours.   And since the rangers know and patrol every square inch of the Reserve and are responsible for maintaining the trails and keeping the Nature Reserve as beautiful and well-maintained as it is, I can’t think of anyone better to go with.   (You can read about the work they do in the monthly CVC reports on the Clarens News website:   )

Clarens Recycling Centre

A very big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed towards the repair of the bailing machine.  We are happy to report that the bailing machine is back at the recycling centre and working well.   THANK YOU.  THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

Click here to find out more about the Clarens Recycling Centre

Fermenting Workshop- a Comprehensive look into Fermented Food and Beverages & Digestive Health

Deborah Sutherland is planning to visit Clarens in mid-September to run a 3-day Fermenting Workshop.   The workshop is structured so that all aspects of fermenting foods, beverages, condiments, nut and seed cheese’s may be covered. The history of fermented foods; why fermented foods and beverages are so important in gut health; understanding the digestive system; understanding the plant kingdom and our inter-relationship with one another…. Therefore understanding the true meaning of what health is about.   Deborah has recently held a workshop at Oaklands Manor  and the Clarens course will follow the same structure: Click here to see the program.
Should you be interested please contact Colleen:
To learn more about Deborah Sutherland and her workshops visit her facebook page


Charlotte Theron Kinderhuis – Report Back

Charlotte Theron Kinderhuis in Bethlehem has finally received their grant, so the crisis is over for the moment.   (What a relief.!)   They are managing well, but could, of course, always do with a little extra, especially Bovril, sandwich spread, fish paste, spices & dried herbs,( cinnamon, chicken spice, BBQ spice, thyme, pepper)  baking powder, bicarb, Maizena, sugar, margarine, tomato puree, mayonnaise, chutney, yeast, vinegar, pilchards in tomato sauce, tinned bully beef, fish fingers, meat patties, vinegar,Handy Andy, black bags. and personal hygiene products.

For further information call Margaret on 058 307 3708.

If you want to make a cash contribution, the banking details are C Theron Kinderhuis, ABSA 0770230101, branch code 632005.

It is time to plant fruit trees  (Reminder)

The Clarens winter may be harsh for some …..but it is peak trading season for De Leeuw Fruit Tree Nursery just outside Clarens. During the coldest months thousands of carefully cultivated, two-year old deciduous fruit trees are lifted from the field. The trees are sold to retail nurseries, small fruit growers, government departments and to individuals who just like picking fresh fruit off their own trees in the backyard.
The nursery which is situated about 10 km outside Clarens was started by Jim and Flos de Leeuw more than 80 years ago.  Their vision was to make fruit trees available to as many people as possible at affordable prices. Three generations later the vision continues with trees now supplied as far afield as Mpumalanga and KZN and exported to Swaziland and Lesotho.
Jimmy de Leeuw was one of the early headmasters at Clarens Primary School. He started planting peach pips as a hobby and initially gave the trees as gifts to friends and acquaintance. Florence Johnson, originally his colleague at the school, later became his wife. She initiated the importing of cultivars from overseas for grafting purposes. Florence (or Flos) de Leeuw later became the mayor of Clarens – apparently she was the first female mayor in the Free State – quite a feat for the village at the time! Read More

Maluti Radio – Listen Live

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5th August, 2015

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11th August 2015
Police Forum and SAPS Update
NG Church Hall:  4pm






19th August 2015
CRA – CVC – CFA Important Meeting






28-30 August 2015
Getaway Show
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Dihlabeng Christian School in Clarens, requires a Grade RR (3,4,5 year olds) teacher with an ECD qualification for the month of September 2015.
Please send CV, qualifications and 2 recent contactable references by 31 July to: The Principal –
Remember to have a look at our Classifieds page on the website: there is also an employment opportunity for someone in Real Estate,  property for sale…….etc.etc.
Browse around – you’re bound to find something of interest.


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