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Sunshine piercing through the veils of darkness

A majestic sun tries to pierce its way through the veils of darkness. Captured shortly after sunrise on the Fouriesburg road into Clarens. The dark purple and undulating mountains contrast starkly with the brilliant golden rays of the rising morning sun.

Clarens has talent!   The photograph and text above was sent in by Damien Coulson (head ranger for The Clarens Village Nature Reserve.)   And – just in case you think this is just a flash in the pan (no photographic pun intended) he also sent in the following:

A hot-air balloon rises from the Golf Estate and drifts languidly on the light early morning breeze towards the Naauwpoort Neck. It moves silently and majestically with the occasional sound of gas billowing in short bursts from the burner from as far as 600 m away.
Thank you for sharing with us Damien.

Of course we all know that Clarens provides inspiration for many talented artists, writers, poets, photographers, cooks, designers  ….. oh the list goes on and on.  We’re also lucky enough to have one of the best book shops in the country, run by Debra Stewart who also manages the Bibliophile Writers’ Support and Social Club: A network of established and aspiring writers,storytellers, scribes and scribblers who inspire and support one another’s creative endeavours in a convivial environment.  Click here to find out more about Bibliophile

Curbing Crime in Clarens with the Sector Police Forum

Have you ever wondered, by way of a rhetorical question, why Clarens is comparatively crime free? To start with, look at the evidence. In December 2014/January 2015, only two crimes in Upper Clarens were brought to the attention of the Clarens SAPS: An attempted housebreaking in Collet Street and an unreported bicycle theft from the Clarens Backpackers. In a situation where close to 5000 visitors per day were strolling the streets of the village, climbing its conservancy trails or rafting its white waters, this is simply extraordinary.

Granted, there was also a partially successful SAPS drug-bust at a Clarens watering hole in early January 2015; neither do these statistics take account of the situation in Kgubetswana. That said, for a tourist town on the Lesotho border, in an economic downturn, it is remarkable compared with the situation one year before: Over Christmas 2013 and New Year 2014, Clarens recorded 12 break-ins, drunk driving, domestic violence and incidences of violent confrontations in various nightclubs.

Why the decline? One key reason is the presence on the Clarens streets of the Sector Police Forum (SPF) patrols (Kgali, Phillip and Patricia) as well as Stephen Vorster on mobile patrol with his mountainous dog, Fifi. This presence, part of the SAPS three-tier crime prevention structure, has contributed in no small measure to a community-led response to crime and its early prevention. The drug-bust referred to above was carried out on the strength of SPF intelligence, for example. With limited exceptions, the lack of vagrants on the Clarens Square is due to SPF vigilance and gentle persuasion. In short, this presence on the ground provides the eyes and ears so critical to early warning and detection of crime, from whatever source.   Read more

Feature Film:  The Jakes are Missing

The final scene of the movie is to be shot on the square this Sunday – and everyone’s invited to join in the fun.   It is however going to be a long day, so it’s suggested that you either pitch at 8am and be prepared to hang around until 3pm or come at 3pm and stay until 11pm.   This is your chance to be in the movies.

Click here To read more about the movie – and to see who’s starring in the movie (apart from you of course)

The Clarens Ultimate Frisbee team

Chris Pefanis, a self-confessed Frisbee fanatic, together with Graham Rodin is keen to develop aClarens Ultimate Frisbee team.  Chris has been in touch with a Pretoria team – The Labradors – who are planning to visit Clarens 13-15 March. They are willing to help us learn the rules and throwing techniques of the game that weekend.

If you’re interested, inbox Chris  (www.facebook.com/chris.pefanis) with your contact number and let’s get playing!

Plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve

Agapanthurs campanulatus 2
DamienArticle and photography by
Damien Coulson
Head ranger: Clarens Village Nature Reserve


Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “bi-Weekly Plant of Interest”. This week we’re focusing on a member of the Agapanthaceae (Agapanthus) family.   Agapanthus companulatus subsp. paten (Bell Agapanthus in English, Bloulelie in Afrikaans & Lera-laphou in Sesotho) is a deciduous perennial herb which may grow to 100mm tall. This species prefers moist rocky areas such as waterways and drainage lines, near valley bottoms and rocky slopes. A mid-high altitude species, it is commonly found growing at the 1800-2400m A.S.L. band. A. companulatussubsp. paten is found occurring in the Eastern Mountain Region (EMR) of the Drakensburg in montane grassland through to Mpum, the Eastern Free State and Gauteng.       Read more

Paballo’s Nursing Care: New Hours etc for 2015

Hours for Nursing Rooms
Monday           09h00-15h00
Tuesday          09h00-15h00
Wednesday     CLOSED
Thursday         09h00-15h00
Friday              09h00-15h00
Saturday         09h00-13h00
Sunday            On call

On call for Emergencies every day until 22h00 (after this time, the nurses’ need to be available for the elderly folk with whom they live).
After 22h00 telephonic advice will be given.
Or – Telephone Hoogland Medi Clinic (058 307 2424) emergency ward} (private patients)
Or – Telephone Dihlabeng Hospital (058 303 1000) (government patients)
Or – Telephone Ambulance Services:
ER 24                                      086 108 4124
Netcare 911                            079 146 9144
Government Ambulance         058 303 1226
Click here for more about Paballo’s Nursing Care
Click here for other important telephone numbers

Radio Maluti

Clarens is featured on Maluti Radio’s Hoezit program with Garth Brook from 09h00 every Saturday  Be sure to tune in.





Clarens Country Market1618453_361809250627472_967076778_n Clarens Country Market

Cluny Farm Goats Milk products will be on sale tomorrow at the Clarens Country Market and every Saturday thereafter for the duration of the season (summer) Feta. Cream Cheese and Plain Yoghurt will arrive tomorrow. See you from 10 am onwards 

31 January 2015
Shades of Broadway at Bon Appetit
6-8 February, 2015
Annual Birding Weekend at Golden Gate
7th February, 2015
Book launch:   “Woord-engel” by Azette Wiesner. 
(With songs on the Woord-engel CD  performend by Jeanette Jacobs, a local singer, and the Clarens Vintage men’s choir with René Human.)
13-15 February, 2015
Love Rosendal Festival
13-15 February, 2015
H.O.G. Valentine’s Rally
SPF will host the Harley Owners Group, or HOGS, as they are better known.  This event will be hosted off the Square, on Market Street West, and include live music until 11:00pm; there will be no road closures, parking on Church Street and ablutions facilities will be brought into Clarens.  Arguably most importantly, all the drinks involved will be locally-purchased, adding some weight to the local economy.  All proceeds of this weekend will go to the SPF.
19-22 February 2015
Bieliemielie Fees
23-26 February 2015
Richard Rennie “Paint with me” workshop
27-28 February 2015
Clarens Craft Beer Festival
28th February 2015
Cansa Shavathon


Remember to have a look at our Classifieds page on the website – especially if you’re looking for space or a flat to rent.   There’s also a new employment opportunity this week.