The Clarens Village Nature Reserve


I’m sure that every Clarens resident would agree that that The Clarens Village Nature Reserve is a real asset to Clarens.  We are so lucky to have a team of dedicated rangers to protect and maintain this very valuable “little piece of heaven” .   It doesn’t however just happen.   It takes hard work and commitment, as you will see when you read the Reports sent in by head ranger Damien Coulson.    Click here to find out what the rangers have been up, news on the new trail, and the on-going battle against aliens.

Writing is a dangerous occupation?

It seems that writing should now be seen as a dangerous occupation.   Even expressing an opinion could be seen as being prevocative enough to invite violence.   And if you think that this sort of thing could only happen in France or the Middle East, think again.   The recent attack on Zainub Priva Dala in Durban proves that even in South Africa, one needs to be extremely careful.   And where is this going to stop.   Clarens News shared a post from the Books Live blog on our facebook page.   The blog starts off with the following:

On Wednesday March 18 author, Zainub Priya Dala was violently attacked as she left her hotel during the Time of the Writer Festival in Durban. A woman driving alone, she was harassed by three men who forced her off the road, cornered her, held a knife at her throat, smashed a brick in her face, and called her “Rushdie’s bitch”. The day before she had been asked about writers she admired: Salman Rushdie’s name had figured on a long list of others. People walked out in protest.

We at Clarens News hope that you will agree that every South African citizen has the right to their own opinion, although clearly there are some who don’t agree.

(And to think that in last week’s news we celebrated Human Rights and Storytelling Day.)

Word Riders visit Clarens

DCS  Word Riders 1

Word Riders were in Clarens last Sunday, and met with Alan Goodson (Dihlabeng Christian School) along with 5 of the Dihlabeng Christian School grade 7 pupils; Pontsho Koti from Clarens Combined, as well as two other principals from local farm schools.    

The Word Riders are a group of Christian motorbike enthusiasts who travel to different parts of South Africa annually for Bible Distribution.

Along the route, the Word Riders distribute Bibles among school children who cannot afford a Bible of their own. These Bibles are made possible by the Bible Society of South Africa’s Bibles for Grade 7 learners project as well as by funds raised by the motorcyclists themselves.   You can follow the word riders experiences on their blog:

For more information about the Bible Society of South Africa, visit

Plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve

Trifolium burchelianum
Damien1-100x100Article and photograph by
Damien Couson
Head ranger Clarens Village Nature Reserve


Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “bi-Weekly Plant of Interest”. This week we’re focusing on a member of the Leguminosae (Pea or legume) family.

Trifolium burchellianum (Wild Clover in English, Wildeklaver in Afrikaans and musa-pelo in Sesotho) is a creeping annual herb growing to a regal height of just 200mm. For something so small it manages to scale to incredible heights of around 2800 m A.S.L., and enjoys moist grassland and grassland-rock ecotones. This tough little herb has a wide geographical distribution, ranging from the Western Cape through to the equatorial regions of Africa.

As the name Trifolium implies, the leaves of this herb are arranged in 3’s (tri = 3 and folium = leaves).T. burchellianum differs from a very similar species – T. africanum in that the former has broad leaves and pink florets, whilst the latter has narrow leaves with almost red florets. Their distribution does overlap so look closely, as what may appear as a single subspecies could possibly be 2.  T. burchellianum is one of only 2 subspecies that are indigenous to Africa.  Read more


28 March 2015
Clarens Country Market

28th March 2015
Clarens Life-Style Cook Off

Specially for Vegans and Vegetarians 

29th March, 2015
Natalie Chapman at The Grouse and Claret
Natalie Chapman is a proud ambassador and Board Member of Epic Foundation.  Natalie will be at Friends as part of her 90 Days, 90 Towns, 180 Gigs fundraising tour for Epic Foundation:   Click here to  find out more about her tour.

Wyndford Holicay Farm

30 March, 2015

Natalie Chapman at Wyndford Holiday Farm




2-12 April, 2015

Stars of Sandstone

A large collection of Heritage items from 2-ft narrow guage locomotives, steam traction engines, vintage agricultural machinery, old cars, aircraft and military vehicles are brought to life during the show.


3-6 April, 2015

Yvette Art Exhibition: Robert Badenhorst Gallery
An opportunity to view Yvette’s art work and to meet her.   Yvette will be paining outside the gallery during the course of the exhibition.


3 April, 2015
The Hip Replacements:  Grouse and Claret 







3-6 April, 2015

Jammin n Ting

Rustlers Valley

 The festival aims to promote the best of African and African inspired music as well as providing guests with a welcoming break from the urban lifestyle. 

4 April, 2015
Festival of Dirt   (Enduro bikes)
Enduro World Mountain Madalas Ride
This year’s event will take place at “The Old Mill Drift” .

  4th April, 2015
Flea Market Clarens Square


Josie Field

10 April, 2015

Josie Field in Rosendal

Rosa Theatre

11 April, 2015
Clarens Sector Police Forum, Kia and Radio Maluti Golf Day.


  18-19 April 2015
Ashburton National MTB Series – Clarens
Clarens hosts #3 of the Ashburton National MTB Series: an exciting 7 leg  National marathon mountain biking series spanning 6 South African provinces.



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