26th August 2014

Power Point Presentation. We’ve been working on a power point presentation to take to the Getaway show this weekend. Have a look athttp://clarensnews.co.za/clarens-power-point-presentation/
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The latest snow report: (snowreport.co.za) : Big snow coming! The first in the series of frontal systems brushed the WC last night, and the second one will arrive this afternoon. By tomorrow morning, we should already see light snow falling on the extreme high peaks around Ceres and on the Cedarberg ranges. The third frontal system will arrive shortly after that, dropping the freezing level down to 1200m in places, with widespread snow expected over most of the high lying areas of the SWC and into the Southern parts of the Northern Cape by Thursday morning. At the same time, the cold front will extend eastwards, dropping snow on most of ranges as it goes.
By Thursday afternoon, widespead light snow is expected over the Karoo, the Southern parts of the NC and all the coastal mountain ranges from Hermanus to Cape St.Francis, as well as inland regions of the Eastern Cape. By late Thursday night, early Friday morning, falls are also possible into the Southern Free State, and the Eastern Parts of the Eastern Cape, the Eastern Cape Drakensberg and Western Parts of Lesotho.We are also starting to see snow into KZN by Friday morning, some falling down in the midlands, with some moderate falls possible in places. Isolated falls are likely to continue through Friday in the EC, Lesotho and KZN, and even some possibilities into Saturday morning in these regions too. We will update again tomorrow as the front makes landfall. The forecast for the Free State and KZN is sketchy at this point, and is likely to change once the front makes landfall, but is entirely possible at this point.