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Celebrating Freedom

On Monday (27th April) South Africa celebrates Freedom Day.  Freedom Day (27 April) is a national public holiday in South Africa and serves to commemorate the country’s first democratic post-Apartheid elections, held in 1994.  It’s also a day where we can all take a little time out to reflect on the role which each and every South African needs to play to ensure that our country moves forward – and who could say it better than Nelson Mandela:

Our daily deeds as ordinary South Africans must produce an actual South African reality that will reinforce humanity’s belief in justice, strengthen its confidence in the nobility of the human soul, and sustain all our hopes for a glorious life for all. 

Clarens News would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a wonderful weekend, and a meaningful Freedom Day on Monday.

Ashburton MTB Clarens

The Ashburton MTB race held in Clarens last weekend was a resounding success.   The event attracted 2200 entrants – many of whom had travelled from Europe – and comments ranged from “this is the best in the world” to “fabulous route, fantastic scenery…it simply couldn’t be better.”    Advendurance organizers put a large part of their success down to the wonderful co-operation they got from the farmers en-route, who went to great lengths to make sure that the event would be a success.   The Clarens Village Nature Reserve’s new trail (Caracul trail) which formed part of the route also got rave reviews.   This is an event which Clarens can certainly be proud of and speaking to Clarens restaurants and businesses, it quickly becomes obvious that this event helped to make for a bumper weekend in the town itself, so a big THANK YOU to Advendurance for bringing MTB to Clarens.
Local organizer Paul is very pleased with how well the event went off, and anticipates that interest in Clarens MTB will continue to grow and to go from strength to strength.   He did however add, that the size of MTB Clarens will always be limited by the amount of accommodation available in Clarens.
Have a look at the Ashburton MTB series website:  to see their video feature, highlighting this year’s race.

Classic Cars:  SARRA MacGregor Maluti Meander

Classic car enthusiasts are in for another treat this Sunday.   (And didn’t you just love the jaguars that visited us in March.)   This weekend SARRA are holding the MacGregor Maluti Meander and the 29 Classic cars participating in this event will arrive in Clarens on Sunday, where they will be joined by classic cars belonging to the Maluti Auto Club.
SARRA stands for the South African Regularity Rally Association.   Classic Regularity Rallying is modeled on the rallies of earlier times where a crew of driver and navigator needed to keep their rally car on the route and on time, catering for many scheduled speed and direction changes, the weather, traffic and road conditions. The famous LM rally was run on this principle until the 1970’s, as was the Monte Carlo rally. It is a sport of precision and accuracy, rather than an all out quest for speed like the modern special stage rallies.
To learn more about Regularity Rallying visit the SARRA website:

7 Things to Do in Clarens

We love it when we find a blog about Clarens.   Have a look at
There are of course a lot more than 7 Things to Do in Clarens.   Just have a look at the Clarens News Website page for Activities:

And even MORE Things to Do in Clarens

Dons Kritzinger has sent us a list giving information on activites, clubs and the churches in Clarens.   Dons put this list together specially for  Newly Arrived Inhabitants of Clarens.   (And even though we’ve been around for a while, we found quite a lot of information we didn’t know about.  Thank you Dons.)
Click here to see the list

Plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve


Article and photography by
Damien Coulson
Head ranger:
Clarens Village Nature Reserve

Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts.  After some time out due to the recent MTB Cycle Series race through Clarens this past weekend, the CVC can now breathe a sigh of relief…and continue producing interesting articles. This week we’re going off on a slightly fresher tangent – we’ll be focusing on an exotic member of the Asteraceae (Daizy) family.

Cirsium vulgare (Scotch Thistle in English, Skotsedissel in Afrikaans) is considered a naturalised exotic in S.A. This group are Alien & Invasive Plants (A&IP’s) that have occurred within our country for a long enough period of time, measured in decades, to be deemed “natural” (though not to say beneficial, and more likely detrimental to local ecosystems). C. vulgare occurs naturally in parts of Africa and Asia, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, South America, Hawaii and the Pacific islands, but is classified as a Category 1 weed.  Read more




Foot Clinic in Clarens


The editorial staff had a special treat this week.   Sister Julie visited us on the Golf Estate and tended our feet.   Oh what bliss.   And to think we didn’t even have to go anywhere for this amazing treatment.   Sister Julie works at Hospice in Bethlehem, but is happy to call on you after hours and over weekends  to make your feet happy for you .

Street Numbers in Clarens

(Letter from the Clarens Chamber of Commerce)

The CRA has put communiques out regarding the implementation of street number changes, specifically the deadline.  This process was kicked off several years ago before the existence of the Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber has received complaints from businesses regarding the changes, specifically the cost of change,  and has had meetings with the CRA to try and determine the reasoning and where in the process the change is. Besides wanting to conform to street numbering in the rest of SA, the CRA is concerned that erf numbers do not appear on GPS tracking data making it impossible for emergency services, deliveries and visitors to track places down.  Whilst this may have been the case many years ago when the process was kicked off, it is not the case today and every erf number in Clarens appears on GPS data maps; probably a result of Google charting the data 2 or so years ago.   As part of the process the CRA has  contacted Garmin to determine how long it would take for street numbers to be listed as opposed to erf numbers and the answer is quite simply that they don’t know.

 To this end, the position of the Chamber is that none of the businesses (or the residents for that matter) are obligated to display the street number as opposed to the erf number until such time that the electronic and print versions of the relevant maps have been updated.

Big upcoming Event in November – Get ready NOW!

 BMW Motorrad Days 6 – 8 NOVEMBER 2015 Make Life a Ride – all the way to BMW Motorrad Days 2015 WANTED:  Your Accommodation WHY:BMW are bringing their Motorrad event to Clarens in November, attracting 2000 – 3000 enthusiasts. Every single bed in Clarens and its surrounds will be booked out for this event. Problem is, not every bed is known! Please supply the details of your establishment/guesthouse/B ; B/farmstay etc., with email address, to ensure that you do not miss out. Please spread the word to those who do not have access to the internet. Tell your friends, family, neighbours, etc. Details can be sent to: TAMMY HANCOCK   or NATALIE MEYER


25 April  2015
Clarens Country Market

See you from 10 am onwards 

29 April, 2015
Clarens Garden Club Meeting
St. Fort
30 April – 2 May
Photography Workshop – Rosendal
Presented by Hanne Koster
1st and 2nd May 2015
Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist
Martie Lotz Hall
2nd May, 2015
Gule Wamkulu
Ism-Skism Gallery“Gule Wamkulu:The Big Dance”
by Africa Geographic photographer Andrew Brukman.
  3rd May, 2015

Book Launch: Bibliophile
The Pursuit of Life, David Zefferit

David Zeffertt has been a soldier, a shepherd, a trade-union organiser, a public servant, an advocate, and, for over forty years, a professor of law. He continued full-time lecturing until the age of seventy-two and published his last legal book in his eighties.
This delightful collection of short stories is his first published work of fiction. and will be launched to the public at 10 am on 3 May 2015 at our bookshop, Bibliophile.


9th May, 2015

Cluny Animal Trust Golf Day

  15-17 May, 2015
Dan Patlansky Guitar Weekend

Only 30 places available – book now if you want to attend.

  16 May, 2015

Anglican Autumn Fair

Uitkyk Farm (Green Goose)

  18-21 May, 2015

Richard Rennie “Paint with Me” workshop





Win 2 tickets to the Smoking Dragon Adrenalin Festival

It sound like fun, fun, fun.   To win 2 tickets be the first person to print a page of this newsletter and take it round to Lauren at Peter Badcock-Walters Gallery On the Square.

And – Speaking of Events:

SA’s most loved festival will be back in 2016. We cannot wait to see all you craft beer lovers again…
Tickets will go on sale in November, take our advice and book your accommodation now.


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