22nd November, 2013: The green green grass of home

Clarens News: 22nd November, 2013: The green green grass of home

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Clarens News Golden Gate Highlands National Park


The green green grass of home

After being away  it’s always good to get back home to Clarens.  There’s nothing like the green green grass of home, and the drive home via the Golden Gate is particularly beautiful right now.  After the devastating fires earlier this year there’s now green, green grass everywhere, just dotted here and there by clumps of the blue flowering Berg barleria  (Barleria monticola). It’s all just breathtakingly beautiful.

CClarens News Cluny Farmluny Farm

Another fascinating story from Mary Walker, in which she refers to the goats on the farm: The goats, who occupy a self appointed position of superiority on the farm, and who graciously produce their milk for cheese making, have on occasions ensured that the farm stall’s doors have been opened once again.  Travellers along the road between Fouriesburg and Ficksburg might have been fortunate on one of these occasions to find varieties of cheese, cream cheese or feta available for purchase from the stall.

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The picture insert features in the 2014 calendar produced by and sold in aid of Cluny Animal Trust.  Calendars can be purchased at Clarens Gallery, Clementines Restaurant and the Old Stone Bottle Store, in Clarens.  Alternatively they can be ordered from Katherine on 0827886287, Jan on 0782462553, Helen on 0582230918 or by email to jansander22@gmail.com

Clarens News Robert Badenhorst

Robert Badenhorst – A tribute


Clarens has sadly lost one of its most talented artists and gallery owners.  Robert Badenhorst suffered a heart attack and passed away last weekend.
His larger than life character touched us all. Always a smile on his face and a big bear hug was generally the order of the day. He was filled with a passion for painting and sharing. His love was painting landscapes en plein air.
His wit always entertained us and his debate inspired us. He lived more life than most people.  He was a kind and generous person that had so much to give.   Taken so young and in the prime of his life he will truly be missed.
Heaven is certainly a more colourful place and our rainbows will most certainly be brighter.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lientjie and Kathryn at this sad time.   (Theresa Spruyt )

Clarens and the Eastern Freestate on Greek Television

18th November:  News from Craig Walters (Founder of Clarens News.)
Greek television just had a one hour program on Clarens and the EFS, Johan Smith Art Gallery was featured, as was Friends, with some great footage of Denzl and Hensie Van Staden playing. It must be quite old, because Collett Louw still has dreads in one shot. Fantastic to see the mountains and the town square through Greek eyes, just wish I knew what they were saying

Other news from Craig is that he is loving Greece and having lots of fun but he misses Clarens.  The television program must have been fantastic as everyone he knows in Greece who saw the program now wants to come and visit.  It seems we can expect an influx of Greek tourists some time soon.

Clarens represented in Spain

Festival Against Censorship – Bilboa.Azarouk 11- 16  November 2013

Clarens has not only recently been on Greek television, but has also been represented in Bilboa, Spain during the week of 11- 16 November 2013.

The Zentsura At! is an annual festival against censorship. This year was the 8th consecutive year, and our local electric violinist, Denzl Keenan, was invited alongside Anton Goosen to represent South Africa at the Anti-Censorship festival of 2013.

Anton Goosen is seen by many as the “Father of Afrikaans Rock”, and it comes as no surprise that he would be asked to participate in this specific festival. With songs such as “Byeboerwa”, “Simonne” and “Boy van die Suburbs”, Anton truly is the King of South African song writing.

Anton wrote the theme song for the film Pretoria o Pretoria in 1979, the original version of “Kruidjie-Roer-my-nie”, which was banned four days after its release, with the start of a long series of containment from the SABC as consequence. He eventually decides to re-write the lyrics and the single goes on to sell 40 000 copies, becoming Anton Goosen’s first commercially successful recording.

On November 16 2013, Anton Goosen and Denzl Keenan, represented South Africa with songs such as “Pampoene op die Dak”, “Gansbaai Lapa” and “Klein Bietjie Wyn” at the Festival against Censorship.
Anton Goosen was also interviewed on stage and much interest in the newly released “Viva Madiba” song was showed.
The song is performed in 8 of our official languages, with violin accompaniment by Denzl Keenan, and acts as a tribute to the life of Mandela. Artists such as Gloria Bosman, Rebecca Malope, Dozi, Helena Hettema, Charlize Berg, Theo van Rensburg, Manuel Escorcio, Kathy Neuland and Mammie Ntshauba, all contributed to the splendor of the song. The South African duo truly helped spread awareness amongst the Europeans, stirring compassion and understanding in the hearts of the Spanish people. To listen to a the “Viva Madiba” Song, please follow the link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=du-7pWgZrZ8

Clarens Skies – Scorpius

Constellation of the Week
Scorpius is the southernmost constellation of the Zodiac and is thought to be older than the Greeks. It was the Sumerians who dubbed it GIR-TAB “ the scorpion”, over 5000 years ago.

Scorpius was documented by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy during the 2nd Century, and is located near the center of the Milky Way.
Scorpius is a gem in the sky, as the red star Antares is located precisely where the imagined Scorpion’s heart should be, whilst the Scorpion’s Sting dips deep into the Milky Way, leading your eye to discover many more impressive starry treasures.
The Sting of the Scorpion was responsible for the death of the Mighty Hunter Orion, according to star lore, thus when the time came for both Orion and Scorpion to take their resting places in the heavens above, the gods thought it good to place the two archenemies in opposite ends of the sky. As result the two constellations can never be seen together in the night sky.   Read more

Waiting for Ison

Clarens News Clarens Skies ISON



We don’t have long to wait now – next week is going to be very exciting:   ISON will soon be visible in our skies,  Click here to find out more.

Cell phone charges

Letter from Ralph Raubenheimer


As matter of interest I received my Cell Phone Account the other day and found an International Call Charge of R6.00 for an 8 second call. I queried this as the only call I made that afternoon was from Fouriesburg to my wife in Clarens but somehow the call was diverted through Lesotho – hence the International link.

It transpired that as Fouriesburg in particular and Clarens are close to the border, there is the possibility that calls are routed via Lesotho so be warned and check your Cell Phone accounts if you happen to make calls close to the border. You could be billed for international calls even though you are still in South Africa.

Plant of the week: Searsia divaricata


Plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve SearsiaDamien Coulson:
Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “Weekly Plant of Interest” where we’ll be focusing on a woody plant species.
Searsia divaricata  (known as Fire-thorn Karee or the Common Currant-rhus in English, Gewone Taaibos in Afrikaans or leroana in Sisotho), is a relatively small tree or shrub with multiple stems that grows up to 1- 6 m tall. This small tree/shrub grows on both warm and cool slopes and along rivers in kloofs, High Altitude Grassland among rocks and on disturbed areas. The plant is widespread throughout S.A. and can be found at altitudes of up to 2100 m A.S.L.
The appearance of the canopy in adult plants is dense and rounded. The bark is grey and young bark may have fine hairs of a rust-brown colour. The spines if present on mature trees are sharp and grow on stems and branches to 40-60 mm. The leaflets are leathery, olive green, smooth above and hairy below. The leaflets are oval, narrowing at both ends, sometimes with a short tip. The largest leaflets are up to 70 x 30 mm with a round or a flat tip. The midrib and the secondary veins are conspicuous and raised below.The flowers are small, light yellow and star shaped and grow in conspicuous clusters up to 100 mm long and are in bloom from October – February. The fruit are very small (3 – 5 mm) and are reddish-brown when mature. They may be borne in such quantities that the branches bend with the weight. Expect to find them between October and May.       Read more


The Twitcher


Clarens News The TwitcherIt seems eons since the invasion of the Steel Wings and Clarens has begun to melt into the rainy season with a satisfied sense of accomplishment.  The farmers are smiling – well, they’ve stopped snarling at least, and there is green of every hue in all directions.  So, what’s new, given my absence from the old desk last week?First, there is news hot off the presses: Clarens has its first traffic light!  Yes, a robot has brought us shivering with anticipation into the twenty-first century.  We have come a long way since the trekkers dug the first long-drop on Market Street and the village first drew its water from a tap.  So it is that the Clarens News is able to report this technological breakthrough, placing us on par with our Mother City/Town (?), Bethlehem.  As is always the case with such breakthroughs, there are one or two minor issues associated with this development.  Well, one really.      Read more



The Clarens : Golf News

Clarens News Golf News Clarens Open


This weekend – Weather





This weekend –  Music

Friday 22 November, 2013:

Artichoke: 18h00 :  Deon The Soutie from Totie
Friends: 20h30     K2  (Red Square Promotion)
The Grouse and Claret: 20h00: Grumpy Old Men  (Windhoek Promotion)

Saturday 23 November 2013

Friends: 20h30:   Slipstream
Artichoke 12h00  Fumadores  (Hensie & Denzl)
Artichoke 18h00  Fumadores
Street Cafe: 22h00  Fumadores


This weekend – Rugby fixtures



This weekend – Other events


Farmers Market:  Saturday:  10h00 – 15h00  Outside Bibliophile

Clarens News Ficksburg cherry festival

To find out whats happening at the Cherry Festival in Ficksberg visit the Cherry Festival website


Coming Events

As always there is lots to look forward to.  Click here to find out what’s in store


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